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Focal SibXL and Cub 5.1 Speaker System

Warranty Period:
1 Year Manufacturar Warranty
Speaker Power Output:
500 Watts
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2 Reviews from Zopper Customers
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Focal SibXL and Cub 5.1 Speaker System
A bit expensive
While it may seem hard to imagine, given the condensing of most home theatre set-ups into singular Ultra HD displays, 5.1 speakers are still in. Even with the advocating of 7.1 surround sound, there’s a lot to like about Focal’s SibXL and Cub 5.1 Speaker System. There are two Polyflex midbass OALs with a noise sensitivity of 91 dB and 15W to 150W of total power wattage. They also have a 67 Hz to 35 kHz range and weigh roughly 4 kg, making them even easier to manage. The subwoofer is perhaps where the appeal is really at. It outputs amazing 32 Hz bass, and contains an 8 inch Polyflex cone within with a range of 40 Hz to 150 Hz. It weighs 11 kg and is also easy to manage. The OALs work best when mounted on a stand, but they can also be arranged close by for a good effect. The overall sound is strong though higher volumes do tend to deliver some tears in audio. Bass and treble mix extremely well though and feel both deep and authentic to the content being viewed. Even with its price, the Focal SibXL and Cub 5.1 Speaker System is hard to pass up. Give it a listen if you want a simple yet powerful setup. Pros: - 5.1 surround sound is clear and amazing - Subwoofer quality is strong without tearing at higher volumes - Excellent satellite speakers with high thresholds Cons: - Might be expensive for some - Simple design overall
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A very powerful but expensive system
The Focal SibXL and Cub 5.1 Speaker System looks and seems like an extremely simple 5.1 speaker set up at first. Meant to be paired with an HD display, it actually provides one of the better mixes of loud bass and clear sound that one has heard in a long time. It comes with a pair of Polyflex midbass OALs along with an aluminium tweeter dome, with a frequency range of 67 Hz to 35 kHz. A sensitivity of 91 dB is apparent, with total wattage ranging from 15W to 150W. The Focal Cub subwoofer has an 8 inch Polyflex cone embedded within that has a frequency range of 40 Hz to 150 Hz and is capable of producing 32 Hz bass. It also features variable crossover along with LFE input and a 150W BASH amplifier. Both the subwoofer and OAL are easy to manage, weighing 11 kg and 4 kg respectively. The quality of sound is very good, with sufficiently strong output at high volumes. The speakers refuse to blow out unless you go to the very maximum volume, and in most circumstances, the bass stays consistently thick and smooth throughout. Best of all, you can mount the Focal SibXL on stands to further maximize space. The price is a stickler though – even with what the Focal SibXL and Cub 5.1 Speaker System is offering, do want to drop +70K on a surround sound set-up? It may seem simple at first but Focal’s solution packs a lot of punch.
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Product Details
Warranty Period
1 Year Manufacturar Warranty
Items in the box
Home Theater, User Manual, Warranty Card
Video Features
DVD Playback
VCD/DVD Player
Video Compression formats
DivX, XviD, WMV
Sound Related Features
Dolby Digital Type
Dolby Digital
Add on Features
HDMI Connectivity
1 HDMI Output
USB Connectivity
Speaker Features
Audio Compression formats
1 Subwoofer
Speaker Power Output
500 Watts
Speakers Configuration
5.1 Channel
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