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F&D A520 Audio Speakers

Warranty Period:
1 Year
Satellite Speakers:
Basic Speaker Configuration: 2.1 inches, Satellites Dimensions: 118 x 180 x 113 mm
Power Output (RMS):
16W x 2 + 20W
Frequency response:
Satellite: 120Hz-20KHz, Subwoofer: 20Hz-120KHz
252 x 252 x 268 mm
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4 Reviews from Zopper Customers
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F&D A520 Audio Speakers
value of money
i love the looks of this speaker system. they are very beautiful and the bass speaker in the side part of the speaker system looks very beautiful and eye catching. i am loving it due to the sound quality as well as mainly the looks. the sound quality is superb, the great bass by the sub woofer of the system will make you dance all the time with the super sound by the tweeters of the speakers of it. i must say that f&d launches this speaker to grab the market as they are perfect in terms of value of money too
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best 2.1
F&D a520 features great looks as well as the great sound. let us elaborate, the speaker system has great sound quality due to sub woofer and the satellite speakers. sub woofer of the speaker system is very powerful and do produces great bass with the high quality sound with good treble from the satellite speakers of system. design of satellite speakers are very nice and also big enough. with so much big speakers it produces very high quality. this 2.1 speakers do produce more sound than 4.1 speaker system.
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most popular
the most popular speakers now a days among the youth is this speaker system. the reason behind this is the powerful sound by the system as well as the looks which also plays a vital role in purchasing in a speaker system. the sound of the audio speakers are awesome and very powerful. one can enjoy the sound quality even at high volumes. the bass of the sub woofer is too nice and powerful enough to feel it a lot. the looks are incredible and with that it makes a complete package with quality too.
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good looks. highly powered system.
16W power output. It's amazing. the speakers of this package will create a good and loud sound. Sound quality is also good. The bass is nice and powerful.
Product Details
Warranty Period
1 Year
Satellite Speakers
Basic Speaker Configuration: 2.1 inches, Satellites Dimensions: 118 x 180 x 113 mm
Power Output (RMS)
16W x 2 + 20W
Audio Input Output
Aux Jack: Yes
Frequency response
Satellite: 120Hz-20KHz, Subwoofer: 20Hz-120KHz
252 x 252 x 268 mm
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