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F&d 2.1 Channel A511 Speaker

Satellite Speakers:
Power Output (RMS):
16Wx2 20W
Frequency response:
90 - 20KHz (satellite)
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F&d 2.1 Channel A511 Speaker
A Speaker That Speaks For Its Size


- F&D has really kept this multimedia speaker simple and has provided easy controls for increasing/decreasing volume, bass and treble.

- Easy connectivity and plug-play features give the F&D 2.1 speaker an upper hand. You can easily connect your mobile phone, mp3 player, television set and DVD player.

- Thumbs up to the super shiny and neat finish of the sub-woofer speakers. You don't have to think twice before displaying them in front of your guests.

- The red/green light indicators make it very convenient for the person to know when the music system is on or off.

- The in-built voltage regulator is an added benefit of this astounding F&D speakers.


- When placed too close to the wall, the bass gets suppressed as the output is on the backside of the woofer.

- The wires of the F&D 2.1 speaker are not long enough which could be an issue if you want to mount the speakers on the wall.


The F&D multimedia speaker range has created a lot of buzz and the A 511 is gaining some serious attention. The major reason behind its popularity is that the brand knows exactly what music lovers want in their music system and we got A 511 as a result of their efforts. Be it looks, sound quality, connectivity or controls, the A 511 excels in all departments and you can bank on it without any second thoughts. 


Philips MMS4040F 2.1 stereo speaker is an excellent alternative you can go for. Overall the speaker is sturdy giving tough competition to the A 511, the department of looks. The speaker also comes with a remote control which makes it easier for the users to handle the sound levels from a far.

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Product Details

Experience music like never before with the awesomeness of the F&d 2.1 Channel A511 Speakers. The woofer is well-built and gives out adequate bass and Ohms according to the song. The satellite speakers produce crisp sound and there is no disturbance in high treble given its sound output at 52W. The best part about the F&D 2.1 speaker is that it is not power hungry and manages the voltage fluctuations pretty well, even on 6 Ohms. Thanks to the in-built voltage regulator! Audio input facilities like USB, AUX cable completes the F&D 2.1 speaker.

Additional Features
Other Feature Set
Built in AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) for wide main operation voltage range
Satellite Speakers
Power Output (RMS)
16Wx2 20W
Frequency response
90 - 20KHz (satellite)
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