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Eureka Forbes Trendy Xeon Vacuum Cleaner

Warranty Period:
1 Year
Dust Collection Capacity:
3 L
Length of Power Cord:
5 Meters
Dimensions (W x H x D):
490 x 330 x 380 mm
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Eureka Forbes Trendy Xeon Vacuum Cleaner
Freedom from Dust & Mites is Possible with the Eureka Forbes Trendy Xeon Vacuum Cleaner
Powerful 1300 W Motor Provides Ultra Powerful Suction to make cleaning easier and efficient                   
- Variable Power Controls for Different Cleaning Needs for various surfaces.                                                 
- Rotary Vario Power Control is provided on the top of the cleaner that lets you adjust the suction settings as per your requirements.                           
- Precision Cleaner for cleaning delicate electronic gadgets and every nook and corner of the house.                                                                             
- On Board Storage Space for Accessories, helps prevent misplacing of small parts.                                    
- Automatic Power Cable Winder for Convenience                                                                                            
- Washable dust bags for added convenience 

- The machine makes a lot of noise that can be disturbing at times.
- Cord length is short. A couple of mts more would have been more advantageous

- Dust bags are not easy to clean 


If you are looking for a lightweight and compact handheld vacuum cleaner, then the Eureka Forbes Vacuum Cleaner is the one of you. With a powerful motor, variable power control and an onboard storage space for accessories, it is sure to make your cleaning process a simple affair. The variable power controls feature for different cleaning needs and on board storage space for accessories makes it a portable vacuum cleaner which can be stored easily without occupying a lot of space.

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Product Details
Warranty Period
1 Year
Items in the box
Unit, User Guide , Warranty Card
Types of Nozzles: Crevice Nozzle
Motor & Suction
2000 mm of Water Column
Dust Collection Capacity
3 L
Unit Weight
6.1 Kgs
Length of Power Cord
5 Meters
Input Power (IEC)
230 V AC, 50 Hz
Dimensions (W x H x D)
490 x 330 x 380 mm
Add on Features
Hepa Filter
Superior Filtration
Additional Features
Automatic Power Cable Winder
Body Features
Convenience Features
Grill Cleaner
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