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Eureka Forbes AquaSure Amrit 20 L Water Purifier

Warranty Period:
1 Year Warranty
Purification Type:
Non-Electrical Water Purifier
Total Storage Capacity:
20 Litres
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7 Reviews from Zopper Customers
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Eureka Forbes AquaSure Amrit 20 L Water Purifier
Not Just Pure,But SAFE Water..
Amazing invention of this 21st century in water purification by the Eureka Forbes . This purifier comes with a revolutionary technology of PCT ( Positive Charge Technology)which purifies water without the use of any chemicals . KEY FEATURES :- 1)Removes both visible and invisible impurities and dirt from water and gives crystal clear water. 2)Traps and removes chemicals like chlorine and other organics in water to eliminate odor and enhance taste . 3)Efficiently eliminates bacteria,virus and cysts protecting from water borne disease . 4)It has a natural shut-off that monitors purification process and gradually shuts-off flow once useful life is over. 5)Simple to use , maintain and replace . We have gone through some of the main features now lets have a look to the BENEFITS of Aquasure :- 1)Double Storage Capacity . 2)Natural Shut Off. 3)No boiling required . 4)No running water . 5)No electricity required . 6)No bacteria,no virus,no cysts . 7)Affordable price . 8)Three cartridges free . 9) Non-Toxic Engineering Plastic Construction. Now lets move on to my favorite part which i like to share so that one can take a good decision (BUT THERE ARE VERY FEW OF THOSE) , the bad features :- 1)Purifies only 750 liter of water . 2)Only 20 LITER water capacity . So,have you taken your decision or still confused ?? Let me help you once more ... do you have a small family of 5-6 members ? is you budget not more than 2500 rs ? then just buy this one without any hesitation it will be a good deal for you . But if you have a huge family of 10+ members then look for some higher storage capacity purifier which is available in the market . Hope i have helped you to take a decision .
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Eureka Forbes AquaSure Amrit 20 L Water Purifier


- Endowed with a sleek and modern design, this purifier looks very elegant and stylish. Crafted using high-quality food grade plastic, the water stored in this purifier is 100% safe and toxin free.

- The Kitanu magnet eradicates all bacteria, virus and other germs that may be responsible for causing diseases.

- This AquaSure water purifier does not need any electricity or running water, thus making it a convenient option for all.

- With a capacity of 20 litres, it can hold a lot of water thus ensuring a steady supply of pure drinking water.

- Thanks to the purification capacity of 750 litres, you don't need to get hassled about changing the purification cartridge, now and then.

- Working on a water purification monitoring system, this Eureka Forbes water purifier automatically cuts off the purification process, when the water level reaches a particular point.


- The water flow from the integrated tap is a tad slow.


If you are looking for a budget friendly water purifier with optimum purification, then Eureka Forbes AquaSure Amrit 20 L water purifier is a perfect choice for you. Crafted using toxin-free materials, this water purifier ensures efficient eradication of disease-causing germs. Good water storage capacity, automatic monitoring for water level, electricity and running water free operation and long lasting cartridge makes for a good deal. However, the speed of water flow from the outlet tap is a bit slow.

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Eureka Forbes Aquasure Amrit Storage Water Purifier
I choose eureka forbes aquasure amrit storage water purifier and am happy with my choice. It matches my kitchen decor perfectly. It looks smart, works perfectly, has indicators that will tell me when to replace filters. It is priced right and on top of all this it works like a dream, giving me pure, crystal clear water. It controls are feather light, power saving and so nicely designed. Ever since I bought it I have peace of mind knowing my family will have pure drinking water any time, all the time. Thanks, Eureka Forbes for safeguarding my family’s health.
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The excellent choice
The best part about this purifier is that it can store 20 litres of water at one go. The design is pleasing to look at and is wuite functional as well. This water filter is reasonably priced and the feature have been thoughtfully designed too. It is simple to use and the quality is not bad at all. It has a 3 stage purification which gives you pure water.
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Product Details
Treat yourself to safe and pure drinking water with Eureka Forbes AquaSure Amrit 20 L water purifier. With a Kitanu magnet in place, it removes all the organisms in water, thus ensuring complete safety. Working on a water purification monitoring system, this AquaSure water purifier automatically cuts off the water filling process when the purified water reaches a certain level. With a capacity of 20 liters, it can hold a lot of water at one go. Convenient purification of water is ensured without the requirement to connect running water or electricity.
Warranty Period
1 Year Warranty
Purification Features
Purification Capacity
750 Litres
Unit Weight
2.71 Gms
Purification Type
Non-Electrical Water Purifier
Total Storage Capacity
20 Litres
Dimensions (W x H x D)
335 x 560 x 230 mm
Add on Features
Auto Shut Off
Body Features
Food-grade, non-toxic engineering plastic construction
Items in the box
Main Unit, Manual,Warranty Card
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