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Enter E-S230B 2.0 USB Speaker

Warranty Period:
1 Year Warranty
Satellite Speakers:
2 Satellites
Power Output (RMS):
6 W
Frequency response:
50 - 18000 Hz (Satellite)
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Enter E-S230B 2.0 USB Speaker
Enter speaker: Elegant and Compact Everyday Sound Accessory


-This speaker set from Enter has a line-in (external audio signal) switch for connecting computers and mobile devices with ease, flexibility and speed.

-The supporting line-out sound signal of the speaker can be connected directly to the power amplifier and computer input, thus increasing its sound volume manifold.

-The USB Speaker boasts of a built-in MP3 digital audio decoder chip that ensures high clarity of sound, therefore enabling users to enjoy high-quality music at all times.

-The bold design of the amplifier, as well as and the optimization and adjustment techniques of the sound box in the speaker set, delivers a mellow and clear timbre for enhanced listening experiences.

-The speaker is designed in compliance with acoustics and aesthetics rationale and has a 6 W RMS (Root Mean Square) output for delivering pure and elegant sound quality.

-The small sized design of this speaker set, with a connector type of 3.5 mm audio jack, makes it a portable device for outdoor usage too.

-Effortless installation processes and the plug and play feature of this speaker make it simple to use.

-The speaker has a one year warranty.

- It boasts of other exciting audio features like an impedance satellite of 4 ohms, Signal-to-Noise Ratio of 80db, and a Max Output RMS of 3 W per satellite.

-This audio output set has a 2.0 Channel configuration, making it an ideal listening accessory for laptops, mobiles, and desktop computers.


-Some users might require a longer wire for installing the speaker in the place of their choice.


This speaker system has a plug and play USB feature that makes it easy to install and use.Its Signal-to-Noise ratio of 80db and an output RMS of 3 W per satellite delivers high quality sound. Overall, this 2.0 speaker, with its elegant and smart design that takes up a small storage space, is a portable sound accessory that's worth its money.

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Product Details
Warranty Period
1 Year Warranty
Additional Features
Other Feature Set
USB Powered, Line-in (External Audio Signal) Switch, Built-in MP3 Digital Audio Decoder Chip, Sound Box Structure is Made with Innovative Optimization and Adjustment, Easy to Carry, Loudspeaker Anti-magnetic Design
Satellite Speakers
2 Satellites
Power Output (RMS)
6 W
Audio Input Output
3.5 mm, USB
Frequency response
50 - 18000 Hz (Satellite)
Speaker Type
Laptop/Desktop Speaker
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