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Enter E-S220B 2.0 USB Speaker

Warranty Period:
1 Year Warranty
Satellite Speakers:
2 Satellites
Power Output (RMS):
6 W
Frequency response:
50 - 18000 Hz (Satellite)
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Enter E-S220B 2.0 USB Speaker
The Speaker You Desire For.
- This 2.0 Enter Speaker produces an elegant sound quality with incomparable effect.

- Since it is in compliance with acoustics and aesthetics rationale, this USB speaker gives out robust and beautiful sound that is too good to listen.

- It has flexible sound with distinct tone levels that can effectively play all kinds of music.

- The external volume controller of these speakers makes it easy to reduce or increase the volume as per your convenience.

- The small size and compact design of this 2.0 Enter speaker make it ideal to take around to house parties or to keep by the pool for unlimited fun.

- The gorgeous black color of this USB speaker looks stunning and eye catching.

- The wire quality of these speakers is a little on the lower side, thereby making it prone to damage if used roughly.

This USB speaker from Enter is a excellent option to buy if you are looking for a lightweight and portable speaker to play your music on the go. The pure sound quality and efficient acoustics make it perfect for music lovers, who prefer to listen to their music on higher volumes.
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Product Details
Warranty Period
1 Year Warranty
Additional Features
Other Feature Set
USB Powered, Line-in (External Audio Signal) Switch, Built-in MP3 Digital Audio Decoder Chip, Sound Box Structure is Made with Innovative Optimization and Adjustment, Easy to Carry, Loudspeaker Anti-magnetic Design
Satellite Speakers
2 Satellites
Power Output (RMS)
6 W
Audio Input Output
3.5 mm, USB
Frequency response
50 - 18000 Hz (Satellite)
Speaker Type
Laptop/Desktop Speaker
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