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Dish TV Dish+ Recorder Set Top Box

Standard Definition
DVD Qaulity Sound
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Dish TV Dish+ Recorder Set Top Box
Excellent Product to Keep You Entertained


- This Digital Set Top Box includes various services. You can even search for jobs on Jobs Active, play exciting games through Games Active and watch your favourite movies through movie-on-demand service. 

- You can connect a pen drive into the USB slot of the Dish TV Set Top Box and enjoy unlimited recording. 

- The pause feature in this Set Top Box allows you to pause and replay your TV services as per your convenience.

- You can go back to the missed part of the show and watch it again with the help of the rewind button. 

- The forward button helps you to skip the content that you do not wish to watch. 

- The e-program guide gives you comprehensive details about the program that you are watching.

- This HD Set Top Box also lets you record programs based on its name or you can also record programs based on its timings.


- If the signal strength is low, then the Dish TV Set Top Box starts to hang.

- You cannot play any content from your USB drive on the set top box.


This Dish TV Set Top Box is a very good product that offers amazing picture and sound quality. It has a host of features and services to keep you entertained. The service team is fast too and installs it within 2 days maximum. With 400+ channels, you are bound to enjoy every single second of your TV viewing. This is something you will not be able to complain about and would absolutely enjoy it once you get it installed and experience it.

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Standard Definition
DVD Qaulity Sound
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