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Dell MS111 3-Button Wired Optical Mouse Mouse Black

1 Year Warranty
Supported OS:
Windows: Vista, XP, 7
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Dell MS111 3-Button Wired Optical Mouse Mouse Black
Keep Your PC Controlled With the Dell MS111 3-Button Wired Optical Mouse


- The wired optical mouse does not need any outside software to make it work.

- There are no moving parts in the mouse, which ensures that the 3-button mouse will last longer.

- It has a perfectly designed body that assures no risk of dust or other outside items getting trapped inside the mouse.

- The 1000 dpi movement resolution rating ensures that the mouse will identify movement as quickly as possible.

- This is appropriate for both left and right-handed users.

- At 90g, the Dell optical mouse is not too heavy.

- The 1.8 m cable that connects the mouse to a USB port ensures that there's plenty of room for the mouse to work on.

- The cable is specially insulated well enough so its signal will not be lost.


- This wired mouse does not do well if it isn't on a mousepad or other soft surface.

- The sensor on the bottom of the mouse needs to be cleaned out regularly so it won't wear out.


You can use the Dell MS111 wired optical mouse for all kinds of applications. Whether you need to simply use a productivity program, or you want to control a multimedia application, this 3-button mouse will do the job. The Dell optical mouse is made with a simple layout that will respond quickly. It is comfortable on your hand no matter which one you use to control it. It is also light in weight and has a long cord.

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Good Product
Mouse is of good quality at this range
Product Details
The Wired Optical Mouse comes with a high-performance optical engine that captures small movement inputs easily.. Also, the 1000 DPI (dots per inch) ensures that you have precise control every time you use the mouse with pinpoint accuracy. It provides a reliable engine with faster and more accurate response and features three easy to use buttons left and right including the scroll wheel. It comes with a 4 pin USB type, a port for connectivity, a tracking sensor, and an optical LED.
Product Details
No. of Buttons
Scrolling Wheels
68 g
Product Dimensions
35.8 x 112.2 x 63.4 mm
Warranty Period
1 Year Warranty
Package Details
Item in the Box
1 Mouse
Technical Specifications
Supported OS
Windows: Vista, XP, 7
Hardware Platform
Additional Features
Scroll Wheel Optical Movement Detection Technology
Resolution DPI
1000 DPI
Model Number
MS111 3-Button
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