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Creative Woof Bt Wl Speaker Wireless Mobile Speakers

Warranty Period:
1 Year
Satellite Speakers:
1 Satellite Speakers
Power Output (RMS):
5 W
Frequency response:
40Hz - 20kHz
No Subwoofer
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Creative Woof Bt Wl Speaker Wireless Mobile Speakers
Effective Sound Quality from Miniature Speakers


- This Creative Speaker set is compact and lightweight, and features a cylindrical shape for the purpose of improving upon its aesthetics and portability measures.

- It is encased in a sleek and metallic body and is small enough to fit in the users palms.

- Equipped with an in-built microphone, it also works as a mobile speaker and helps users attend/reject calls while driving.

- In terms of connectivity, this audio output device supports Bluetooth and a 3.5mm auxiliary jack. It is compatible with most Bluetooth enabled devices including smartphones, tablets, music devices, iPads, iPhones and iPods.

- This mobile speaker offers 5w RMS output power and can play 6 hours music at a single go.

- This wireless speaker is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery and can be charged using a USB cable.

- Weighing 358grams, the 6.6 x 7.4 x 7.4 cm speaker makes for an excellent travelling companion.

- With a frequency response range of 40Hz - 20 kHz and 5 ohm impedance, it delivers a surprisingly loud bass punch for a speaker of its size.

- This audio speaker features an auto sleep mode that conserves battery life when Bluetooth or the aux-in connection is inactive.

- It is backed by 1 year manufacture warranty.


- Limited range for wireless streaming, hence, users have to be loud to be heard or within a specific range to play music via Bluetooth.


The Creative Woof Bt Wl Speaker Wireless Mobile Speakers are perfect for users who listen to music on their phones habitually. Compact, lightweight and portable, the set is ergonomically designed with an in-built microphone, Bluetooth connection, and aux-in cable. Overall, it is a good product for those who do not require very high-quality sound experiences.

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Product Details

The Creative Woof Bt Wl Speaker Wireless Mobile Speakers serve to be a miniature portable speaker set that delivers optimum sound quality. This unit boasts of seamless wireless music streaming via Bluetooth. It has a built-in microphone and is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. Lightweight and compact, these speakers are compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices including smartphones and tablets. It also has an aux-in cable and 3.5mm audio cable for easy connectivity.  With a frequency response range of 40Hz - 20kHz, 5 ohm impedance, and 5w RMS output power, users can expect high-octane sound effects at all times. 

Warranty Period
1 Year
Additional Features
Other Feature Set
Encased in a sleek, metallic body, its integrated microphone also transforms it to a speakerphone for voice conferencing
Satellite Speakers
1 Satellite Speakers
Power Output (RMS)
5 W
Frequency response
40Hz - 20kHz
No Subwoofer
Speaker Type
Mobile/Tablet Speakers
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