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Butterfly Standard ILC 5L Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Warranty Period:
5 Years Manufacturer Warranty
5 Litres
Body Material:
Hard Anodized
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Butterfly Standard ILC 5L Aluminium Pressure Cooker
Cook Delicious Dishes Using the Butterfly Pressure Cooker


- The Butterfly Pressure Cooker is made of sturdy and long-lasting aluminium that is lightweight for handling.

- High heat conduction capacity of the cooker reduces the amount of fuel consumed and heats the cookware uniformly for efficient cooking.

- Food-grade aluminium body permits cooking for food directly in the cooker and ensures that the food cooked is healthy and hygienic.

- Induction base of the cookware is resistant to peeling and permits it to be used on regular as well as induction cooktops. This makes the cooker versatile for use at home and when camping.

- Five litre capacity permits cooking main dishes for a large family as well as side dishes for additional guests.

- Weight set is precision designed for optimal regulation of steam pressure.

- Safety features, including inner lid-type, of the cooker ensure no mishaps occur in the kitchen.

- Handle is easy to grip for added convenience when handling the cooker.

- Highest base thickness ensures that the cooker lasts long and cooks food without burning it.

- The cooker does not come with separators, which can be bought separately.

The Butterfly Pressure Cooker is suitable for a modern family for its adequate 5-litre capacity, induction compatibility, and sturdy construction. Its easy-to-grip handle, safety features, inner lid, and lightweight construction make the cookware more convenient to use.

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Perfect Utensil!
Perfectly designed utensil for daily use. Well-made cooker with sturdy handles. Capacity is quite sufficient and this will a perfect addition to your cookware. Glossy finish and attractive design that compels you to cook new new dishes everyday. Great Utensil!
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Product Details
Made for healthy and hygienic cooking, the Butterfly Standard ILC 5L Aluminium Pressure Cooker boasts of a virgin food-grade aluminum construction that makes the cookware lightweight, convenient to handle and long lasting. Aluminum, with its excellent heating capacity, ensures that the Butterfly Pressure Cooker gets heated quickly and uniformly. Its 5-liter capacity offers adequate cooking capacity for a modern family while its safety features enable safe cooking. Induction base makes this inner-lid aluminum pressure cooker induction cooktop-compatible. Easy-to-grip handle and glossy finish add to the aesthetics of this 5L pressure cooker.
Warranty Period
5 Years Manufacturer Warranty
5 Litres
Body Material
Hard Anodized
Additional Features
Other Feature Set
Efficiently Cooks and Saves Energy
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Safety System
ISI Certified
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1 Piece Aluminium Pressure Cooker with Whistle
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