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Bluestar BDHPCF4 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Silver

Hot Water Storage Capacity:
3 Faucets, Hot, Normal and Cold water
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Bluestar BDHPCF4 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Silver
Clean Water, Easy to Use, Space Effective
- The Bluestar Bottom Loading Water Dispenser eliminates the need for you to manually heavy bottles of water for dispensing. This also lowers the risk of spilling water when refilling and experiencing back aches due to lifting of the big bottles. 
- Its stainless steel water tank used for chilling and heating the water keeps the water consumed fresh and clean.
- Compressor used is highly efficient and offers quick cooling.
- Three faucets offer water at different temperatures to suit different needs based on the weather condition. This makes the dispenser usable all through the year.
- Child lock keeps children from tampering with the unit.
- Minimalistic design blends well with a modern room and makes it convenient to place the unit in small spaces.
- Rapid dispensation rate of 5 cups per minute allows the dispenser to be used in places with more number of people, such as offices and during parties.
- Low power consumption of 2 kilowatts goes easy on your electricity bills.

- Heating and chilling of water depends on availability of power supply.
- It consumes more water than usual

The Bluestar Bottom Loading Water Dispenser is a useful purchase for use at home, parties, and offices for its bottom loading feature, quick water dispensation rate, efficient heating and cooling, three water lines, and stainless steel tank that keeps water clean and fresh. Minimalistic design makes the unit even more an attractive purchase.
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Product Details
Easy to use and space-efficient, the Bluestar BDHPCF4 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Silver features a water tank made of long-lasting stainless steel that cools the water without imparting any undesirable odor. The compressor of this bottom loading water dispenser offers efficient cooling performance. This Bluestar water dispenser comes with three faucets that provide water at hot, room, and cold temperatures. Bottom loading feature, child lock, and minimalistic design make this Blue Star water dispenser extremely convenient to use and place. The unit can dispense 5 cups of water per minute and is low on power consumption.
Hot Water Storage Capacity
18.2 Kg
LED Indicator
3 Faucets, Hot, Normal and Cold water
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