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Bluestar BDHPCF1 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Black

3 Water Faucets
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Bluestar BDHPCF1 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Black
Stay Hydrated With the Bluestar BDHPCF1 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser


- This bottom loading water dispenser works with just 2kW of energy.

- The Blue Star water purifier will not generate far too much noise as it is taking in water.

- It uses about 420 watts of power to heat up water and 90 watts to cool it. The heating and cooling features are separate from each other and work independently.

- The filtration process for getting water ready is carefully organized. This ensures that the water coming out of the dispenser will be fully clean.

- The control knobs at the top of the dispenser are convenient to use according to the requirement.


- At about 16.2 kg in weight, it can take a bit to get this Blue Star water dispenser to be moved and set up in any room in the home. It will be easier to get it hooked to a water line though.

- You will need to make sure the filtration features in the water dispenser are checked regularly so they will continue to work for you as needed.


The BDHPCF1 is a must-have bottom loading water dispenser that you can use for getting drinking water ready. This Blue Star water dispenser will work quickly and can give you warm or cold water depending on your needs. It is easy to set up the Blue Star water purifier after it is lifted and moved into a proper space in your home. It will especially provide you with plenty of clean water for your consumption.

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Product Details

There is more to the Bluestar BDHPCF1 bottom loading water dispenser than just its fine black body. The dispenser is a bottom loading model that features five litres of water storage space. The Blue Star water dispenser will start up in about twenty minutes and uses three lanes for getting a water connection ready. The Blue Star water purifier will especially dispense chilled or warm water based on the control you choose. This will dispense about five cups of water per minute.

18.2 Kg
3 Water Faucets
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