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Blue Star BWD3TTGA Water Dispenser

Push Type/Chid Lock for Hot Tap
Cold Water Storage Capacity:
3.2 Ltr
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Blue Star BWD3TTGA Water Dispenser
Keep your Water Ice-Cold and Germ-Free with Blue Star Water Dispenser


-You will be provided with a service warranty of 1 year on this electric water dispenser. This warranty will commence from the purchase date of this water purifying and cooling device.

-You will feel comfortable with its unique top table design. You can easily install this device anywhere.

-This water dispenser from Blue Star has three temperature controlling modes. These modes are hot, plain and cold. You can cool 3 liters of water in this water cooling device.

-The water purifying feature of this Blue Star water dispenser helps water to remain free from microbes like bacteria, especially during summer months.

-The body of this water cooling system is made of ABS plastic, and its water tank is made of stainless steel, providing it durability and sturdiness for daily use.


- This electric water dispenser system is prone to electric shocks if installed in a network without earth wires.

- It does not have child lock system so kids can get unwanted access to it at any time.


If you do not have refrigerator, then this is a cost friendly option to get cool and germ-free water. The all new Blue Star water dispenser will keep your water cool and safe during summer months. The body of this water dispenser has been made of durable ABS plastic so you can remain assured from accidental drops and cracks on its body.

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Product Details
Blue Star BWD3TTGA Water Dispenser is a reliable water purifying and cooling system. This Blue Star water dispenser system has amazing features that can keep your drinking water cool and germ-free. In this device, you can purify water up to a quantity of 3 liters. It has table top design so you can also install it at a table and use it easily. This water dispenser is available in blue and white colors. You will also be provided with a service warranty of 1 year.
11.6 Kg
Push Type/Chid Lock for Hot Tap
Cold Water Storage Capacity
3.2 Ltr
310*345*490 mm
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