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How about a smartphone which has a swappable battery with a digital camera holder? A smartphone which can be attached with a 360 degree camera and a smartphone which can change according to your moods?

Indeed you can have a companion which can be swapped as per your needs. The all new LG G5 which is the world’s first modular smartphone is like a breath of fresh air in the clutter of “flagship” smartphones that spring up on a daily basis. The LG G5 not only gives you a great experience out-of-the-box, but also allows you to improvise through nifty hardware “plug-ins” which further enhance what is already a fantastic smartphone experience!

Check the unboxing video right here

                                                                                                                                                      [source: Android Central]

LG G5-13

Specifications and Features

Design & Display:Weighing just 159g and at just over 7mm thin, the G5 has a beautiful & sleek metal alloy body, with a 3D arc glass on top. Sporting 5.3” IPS LCD display, the LG G5 boasts of a Quad HD Resolution, with an astonishing pixel density of 554 ppi! Protected by a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 4, this is one of the most beautiful displays in the smartphone market today!

Camera: The LG G5 comes with a revolutionary dual rear camera set up – a 16 MP camera for close-up shots, and a 8 MP camera with a 135 degree field-of- view, for exhilarating wide angle shots. Further, there is also another 8 MP front camera for selfie fans. The cameras are packed with features like Ultra HD Mode,Auto Shot and HDR.

LG G5-16

Battery: This is where LG has created something extraordinary. Its modular nature allows the G5 to have a swappable, slide-out battery, which is a first for this industry! This effectively means that if you’re ever short on battery power, you can just swipe out the old battery, and slide in a new one in a jiffy.

LG G5-15

Innovation has a new benchmark! The phone comes with a 2800 mAh Li-ion battery, providing up to 19 hours of talk-time.

Performance: Of course, being a flagship, the LG G5 is no slouch when competing against the best out there! With a snappy Snapdragon 820 64 Bit Quad Core processor and 4 GB of RAM under its hood, the G5 ensures that your experience is seamless and lag free. The 32 GB internal memory is expandable to a whopping 2 Terabytes. Further, the integrated Adreno 530 Graphic Processing Unit ensures that you get a rich gaming experience. Other standard features include a rear fingerprint sensor, NFC, USB OTG and much more!

Hardware Modules

Now this is where it gets super interesting. Taking advantage of the modular platform, LG has developed hardware add-ons which you can purchase to further enhance your smartphone experience. Here are some of the more exciting modules that will be available:-

[Source: LG India]

LG 360 Degree CAM: This dual – 13 MP camera setup makes capturing a 360 degree video just a matter of one click! Capture breathtaking panoramic photos and videos without even rotating your smartphone, with the LG 360 Degree CAM.

LG G5-18

LG 360 VR: A super portable and compact VR Headset, the LG 360 VR connects with your phone in a jiffy, allowing you to plunge into a virtual world experience that you’ll never forget!

LG G5-17

LG CAM Plus: This super-cool add-on doubles up as a camera grip as well as an additional power bank. Just slide in the LG CAM Plus on your phone to get a superior grip, and capture clear pictures with great comfort!

LG G5-14

Pre-Book the LG G5 now and get a CAM Plus worth Rs 6500/- Free!

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