When winning an iPad Air 2 is as easy as drawing a line

No we aren’t sending you to meet Cook. No we are not even asking you to grab some money from your parents. Yes, you are right we are not even asking you to spend your days clicking selfies’ with an Apple. LOL!

We are giving you a chance to win an iPAD AIR 2, yes you heard it right iPAD AIR 2 that too by just staring at your phone.

Zopper brings the OH! so exciting INVITE AND EARN where all you need to do is ping your friends and family like you daily do and share a referral code and the jobs done.

Not just an iPAD AIR 2 you also stand a chance to earn wallet cashback of upto 3000 when your friends purchase from Zopper. Too good right? You do nothing but still you win.

We still won’t let to get bored, as every day you can get prizes upto INR1,000 at a cost of nothing but just a click.

Now the major part, yaa grab your drinks switch on the televisions and just share 🙂
Simple right? Here is a complete description of what all you have to do. So start drawing!! Oops start sharing. Yaa this simple.


Refer & Earn Page_1_Artboard 4


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