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Tips to Boost Restaurant Sales during Festive Season

With the holiday season just around the corner and everybody planning cherishable get-togethers with their close ones, the Indian restaurant scene will yet again be on fire. There will be customers everywhere, some old and some new, ordering for the usual or something special given the festive season. This will be possible only if the management and service staff work fast and coherently to attend to customer needs.

Unfortunately, that is not the only challenge. Due to limited exposure, many business owners are either hesitant or ignorant to use latest and credible technology to ease their workload. But the reality is that festive seasons are the best times to use a trusted software and other recent technologies to regulate and account for services offered and profits gained. One can use a reliable restaurant pos software that can help manage all the departments under a single roof.

Here are some other tips to shoot up restaurant sales this holiday season:

  • Plan and Promote in Advance:  As a restauranteur, one should be well prepared before the celebratory season commences. Everything, from budget appropriation, allocation of the resources, choosing marketing agendas and platforms, etc. needs to be decided beforehand. This will not only help manage the customers flooding into the restaurant in a better way but gives a restaurant a definite edge over its competitors.
  • Plan a Smart Menu: Your sales will grow if you are clever enough to highlight your best food with a twist sophisticated food up on the menu. This will let your regular customers know that you care for them but are also eager to serve them with something extra. Don’t be afraid to put on some add-ons on the menu and even delight your new and old customers alike with amazing combo meals. In this scenario, your raw materials and resources need to be up to date. A restaurant inventory management software can easily help you keep an eye on the quantity and consumption of raw materials.
  • Attractive Schemes to Pull in More Customers: Think and put up offers that seem festive and your customers won’t be able to resist even if a little pricey. Plan exciting discounts on food or combos that are year-long hot favourites or certainly go well together with minimum risk involved. Using a GST software for restaurant can earn valuable customer views. This can be done by taking a follow up on food and services from regular days and previous festive seasons through self-designed feedback forms.
  • Reward Your Regular Customers: Don’t forget those who have been there for a long time. With the help of a GST-ready POS software, you can offer reward points to your most loyal customers on certain orders throughout the year and follow up on the same with an integrated app. They can use these reward points during the festive days to have a more joyful experience at the restaurant.
  • Run Digital Campaigns: With millennials already ruling with their ways and Gen Z on its way to make an impact, going digital with the marketing efforts guarantees growth of the business. It is wise to spread the word about your offerings and offers using the power of Google AdWords and Social Media promotions. To make this process easy, one can use a restaurant pos software that stores customers’ details to reach out to them through SMS, Email and Facebook marketing campaigns. This also helps them to share information about you with others using one single click or share.
  • Increase Rate of the Flow-Through: It is often said, “The more the merrier”. But everything will stay merry and stable if one has all the resources to handle the heavy customer load. Remember that it is important to provide each customer a pleasant experience and work smartly simultaneously. One should hire and maintain the best-trained staff at your restaurant during the season. For best results, one should use a GST software for restaurants to help manage orders in a smooth way. Whether it’s assigning an attendant to a table, tracking its occupancy status and taking the printouts of KOTs per table,  a pos software will simplify these processes.
  • Use Digital Payments to Speed Up Your Services: With the Indian government’s support to digital India, the maximum number of transactions will be digitized in the upcoming years. The young and the old are slowly yet steadily favoring digital payments for the services availed because it is fast and secure. A trustworthy POS software for restaurants helps to collect payment through various integrated and digital methods like credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, etc.
  • Earn Benefits from Takeaways: For those who don’t dine out often but wish to have the same delicious restaurant food at home aren’t shy of takeaways or online ordering. Thus, delivery management needs to be A-class and highly responsive. The restaurant POS software sends SMS to customer every time the status of the order gets updated.

Make Way to Success with Zopper Retail’s POS software for Restaurants

If you are looking forward to enhancing your restaurant sales through a POS system, Zopper is here to offer a robust and cost-effective solution. The restaurant POS software by Zopper is foolproof and lets you manage numerous operations of your restaurant easily. The salient features of Zopper Retail help in handling repeated transactions and earning the loyalty of the restaurant’s customers. Maximize your profits and have a successful run this festive season only with Zopper’s Retail POS software.

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    Restaurant POS software simplifies the processes involved in bookkeeping. The high volume of transactions that pass through a restaurant on a day to day basis makes it all the more a reason to have POS software for the restaurant.

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