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Whether you have a small retail store or a big one, undertaking tasks such as inventory management, billing, loyalty programs, etc. manually could be tiresome tasks. All these tasks need to automated and that’s where the use of a POS software for retail come into the picture. Though you might not get a retail pos software for free but whatever you will invest in this software, it will be worth it. Having mentioned that, it is imperative that you invest on a right POS for retail store.

Zopper: The Top-Notch Retail POS Software for Your Store

Zopper offers a world-class POS for retail store that is packed with a plethora of essential features and functionalities. All these help you in taking your retail business to a new height. The retail POS software that Zopper provides reduce your workload to a great extent and help in managing your store seamlessly.

Here are some of the features and benefits of utilizing the Zopper’s retail POS cum GST billing software.


  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): With Zopper’s retail POS software, building a long-term relationship with your customers is quite an easy and hassle-free task. Use Zopper Retail to record your customer details and effectively reach out to them with the help of SMS/Email/Facebook marketing campaigns. You can not only sell more to your existing customers but also keep in touch with casual visitors to your business.
  • Loyalty Program: Don’t just manage the customer relationship with your business. Reward it with Zopper’s POS for retail store. Zopper Retail offers the easiest way to create and run your own loyalty program for your customers. Discover your most loyal customers and reward them with special offers and grow repeat business. Offer reward points for various actions like purchase, referrals and even for following on Facebook & Twitter and track these points through an easy to use app.
  • Multiple Payment Options: The POS cum GST-billing software of Zopper allows you to collect payment through Debit cards, Credit cards, Mobile Wallets, UPI and Aadhar based payments from your customers. Zopper retail supports all leading banks and payment companies.
  • Management of Inventory: With Zopper’s retail POS, always stay updated with the existing stock levels. Know what you have and what you need at a glance, or drill-down using Zopper Retail’s powerful granular inventory reports.
  • Happy Shopping Experience: Zopper Retail offers you a very convenient and easy to use POS interface. Its latest and advanced technology allows you to work both online and offline. With Zopper Retail you may offer various benefits to your customers like multiple payment modes, split payments, flexibility to configure discounts and schemes and update inventory information on a real-time basis. Thus, with Zopper, your can pamper your customers with an amazing shopping experience.
  • Multiple Outlets: With Zopper’s POS software for retail, you can manage multiple outlets with ease. Get real-time updates on inventory and sales and take timely decisions. Remotely manage and operate all of your businesses at any point in time. Easily and instantly alter prices, special offers, stock levels across all your stores.
  • Reporting: Zopper Retail helps you measure your success through multiple reports on sales and business. It offers over 100 reports to help you understand your business better by comparing sales across multiple stores, knowing consumer behavior, employee performance, inventory, expense and more. You can also access these reports on the go through your mobile.
  • Suppliers: The POS software for retail lets you create and manage your vendors’ database with the help of which you can track sales and inventory by the supplier and generate and send purchase orders to them on email. Forget about the hassle of locating vendors business cards as all the vendor contact details are stored centrally which can be accessed very easily.
  • Barcode/Scanner: Bring Speed to your billing counter and reduce the size of the queue as you can generate and print your own barcodes with the help of Zopper Retail POS software. It can be integrated with any barcode scanner which will help you to handle large-scale inventories and items.
  • Online/Offline: Facing some internet issue? No problem. With Zopper retail POS, you can manage your business anywhere, anytime, whether you have an internet connection or not.
  • Accounting Software Integration: Zopper Retail comes integrated with various accounting software which totally eliminates the need to do double work for posting the entry in accounts.
  • IMEI/Serial No.: Zopper retail gives the freedom of printing IMEI/Serial Number on invoices which is much needed for electronics business.

Apart from the aforementioned use, the POS software for retail offered by Zopper offers various other features such as delivery management wherein the users and customers can get real-time order status; Feedback system to know how customers feel about the service or product you offer to them; sales & tracking on the basis of employee performance, etc.

Thus, it can be said that POS for retail store offered Zopper is a comprehensive solution to reduce your workload to a great extent.


If you are looking for a reliable POS for your retail store, Zopper is here to lend a helping hand. Its retail POS solution is robust, foolproof and available at a competitive price. Go for it and witness the sales of your retail store reaching a new height.

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