Microwave Terminologies

Food Tastes Awesome When Hot: Comparing the Convection, Grill & Solo Microwaves!

The easiest and quickest way to cook your food is with the help of Microwave ovens. Be it if you are rushing for office in the morning or just want a quick snack, all you need to do is to set the timer and press a button and your food will be cooked piping hot within minutes.

Microwaves cook faster than any other cooking techniques and helps in retaining the flavor and aroma of the food. It’s a healthy way of cooking and maintains the perfect nutritional balance.

OTGs are also cooking appliances, however, they operate differently as compared to Microwave ovens. Lets look at the differences.


Difference between OTGs and Microwaves

OTG has heating elements both on the ceiling and the bottom of the oven. You have the choice of either one or both coils to heat your oven. For grilling, you need to heat the top coil and for normal baking, you need both coils to be heated. An OTG can reheat, keep warm, grill, barbecue and most importantly bake food items. An OTG is, basically a baker’s delight. You can bake crisp cookies, spongy brown muffins and homemade birthday cakes to perfection. You just need to have some time on hand, because Ovens are known for the tasteful food they produce and not the speed of cooking.

A Microwave Oven is basically a steel box that uses microwaves generated by a device known as a magnetron. It generates microwaves that cause the water molecules in food to heat up, cooking the food in the process.


Types of Microwave Ovens

There are three types of microwaves that you need to know about. One must compare all of them before selecting one. Major manufacturers such as Samsung have models in each of these three categories.

Solo: These have a solitary function. They simply bombard the food with microwaves from the magnetron. These can be used for heating, defrosting and boiling. But it cannot perform the roasting and baking operations. Since these are the most basic type of ovens, they are the cheapest and make a great entry-level purchase for first-time users.

Grill: A grill microwave oven comes equipped with a heating element such as a quartz bulb or coils. These are usually located at the top and bottom. They can cook, toast, boil and bake food at the same time or separately. With a grill microwave oven, you can get that crispy outer layer cooked to perfection in dishes such as jacket potatoes.

Convection: These are the most versatile of all three categories, simply because they offer all three functions combined in one. Besides the magnetron and the heating elements, they also have a small fan that moves the heated air around the food. Since all three are connected to the thermostat, you can set not just the amount of heat but also how the heat is transferred to the food.



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