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How to manage your Salon better with Salon POS Software?

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You have a world-class salon brimming with all the imperative equipment, tools, and resources to offer your clients a satisfactory service. Above all, you have a well-trained staff that elevates the service availing experience of your customers by several notches. However, amidst all the good, you have one of those salon pos systems which are either full of glitches or bugs are crawling on them at all the times.

Now, when you have such a point of sale salon software installed in your systems, it creates a myriad of issues and trouble for the business. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Customer Frustration: Making clients stand in the long queue is never good for any business, especially yours where you have pampered them with your services minutes before. Because your unreliable pos software for retail did not give a proper response while billing, it might prolong the wait of your customers and all your efforts to satisfy them might land in vain.
  • Losing Appointments: Losing the record of customers’ appointments could be the worse thing happen to any salon business. You do not want a salon pos system that ditches you while you are either recording or scanning the clients’ booking with your business.
  • Inefficient Sales Tracking: “If you are not measuring, you are not selling.” This is a universal belief. Thus, if your pos for retail store is not helping you record your sales, it is as good as a useless software.
  • No Relationship Management: It is necessary to maintain a healthy relationship with the existing and previous customers. It can be done with effective Customer Relationship Management integrated into the point of sale salon software. Also, a business can come up with loyalty programs from time to time to do so. However, if you have salon software that doesn’t allow you to do it, you may be edged out by your competitors easily.
  • POS Software That Stays Abreast With the Financial Terms: Rules and Regulations related to the finance and tax keep on changing from time to time in every country. For instance, India recently launched a new tax system – GST. If your existing Salon POS doesn’t have the functionality of a GST billing software, it is enough to halt your business operations for quite a good time until you find another solution.

There are various other issues as well which might pop-up for you salon business in the absence of a holistic POS system for the salon.

So, Is There Any Solution to Cope with the Issues Related to an Inefficient Point of Sale Salon Software?

There are many salon pos systems out there but not all of them are reliable. If some of them have a particular functionality, they lack some other indispensable features. So, if you are looking for a complete package to tackle all the aforementioned issues, Zopper’s point of sale salon software is here to your rescue.

Zopper’s salon POS system cater to all your needs and requirements with its myriad of features and functionalities. The cloud-based POS software has been designed for Ultra Parisian salons spas like yours. Above all, the software is GST ready and compatible with any other accounting solution.

Here are some of the excellent features that the salon pos system has to offer to the businesses.

  1. Quick & Easy Appointments: Zopper’s POS salon management software helps in quickly scheduling and managing the appointments. It offers a user-friendly interface that makes the booking of appointment smooth and hassle-free.
  2. Track Sales Efficiently: With this GST billing software for salon and spa, the business owner can track staff sales by setting individual employee targets along with tracking their performance.
  3. Service Slip Feature: The Salon POS solution lets you keep the record of the services that have been availed by the customer. Once the service slip has been generated, the business owner can access the customer record and gauge what all services are to be pitched to the customer on his next visit.
  4. Multiple Outlets: The POS system for salon efficiently helps you manage multiple outlets and offer a real-time update on the inventory. Remotely manage and operate all of your businesses at any point in time. Easily alter prices, special offers, stock levels across all your stores, instantly.
  5. Reporting: Zopper Retail helps you measure your success through multiple reports on sales and business. It offers over 100 reports to help you understand your business better by comparing sales across multiple stores, knowing consumer behavior and employee performance, inventory, expense and more. You can access these reports on your mobile on the go.
  6. CRM (Customer Relationship Management): One of the best Salon POS systems, Zopper’s solution helps in building a long-term relationship with your customers.
  7. Loyalty Program: Zopper Retail helps you reward the relationship by creating and running your own loyalty programs. Discover your most loyal customers and reward with special offers and grow repeat business. Offer reward points for various actions like purchase, referrals, etc.
  8. Amazing POS & Payment Features: The point of sale salon software offered by Zopper offers an amazing spa experience to your customers with features such as split payments, receive bills on paper, SMS or email, discounts and schemes, etc.
  9. Feedback: Equip your business with what your customer wants by receiving their feedback with the help of a self-designed feedback form.

Wrapping Up

To give wings to your salon business, it is essential that you equip it with a powerful yet easy to operate POS salon software. If you are looking forward to installing one, Zopper is here to lend a helping hand. Its POS software for retail is perfect for your salon. It lets you undertake oodles of necessary activities that help in flourishing your business in the long run.

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