Deciding which screen type will be best for watching things is now the new concept. Wait on are you thinking we are here to talk about the smartphone screens. No certainly no we are here to make you choose between HD television and 4K television.





HDTV or to be better known as higher Definition Television are the new type of television sets which provide much better resolution.
They are a step ahead of ordinary televisions and and give the picture a real feel.








4k Television which is also known as ultra UHD televisions are the nextGen TV sets.

They give an amazing picture quality with a four time higher resolution display and detail of HD.
But is this information enough ? Will this help you buy the right television for your home ?
No not at all, here are some of the most amazing factors on the basis of which we can help you find the right technology.




From the Picture itself it is very much clear which one has a higher resolution and how much better it is from the other.

HDTV come with a resolution pattern of 1920x1080p whereas 4K Ultra HDTV comes with a resolution pattern of 3840 x 2160 p.

And to be true till the time you don’t sit close to the television you can’t tell this major difference.


Sitting at the right distance is very much important, one should always place the television at the accurate distance so that the images are clear and the eyes doesn’t get strained.


Screen Size HDTV UHDTV
22”-25” 2’7”- 3’11” Not Applicable
32”-42” 5’2”- 7’10” 3’11”- 5’2”
43”-54” 7’10”- 9’11” 5’2”- 6’6”
55” and above 9’11”- 15’7” 6’6”-11’8”


There are few major factors which are very much needed when you are going to buy a new television set for your homes. Most importantly these factors helps in differentiating between the type you are confused for.


Factors HDTV 4K
Thickness HD television goes till 1 inch of thickness and makes the TV look very appealing. 4K television on the other hand comes down to 4mm thickness and looks elegant.
Screen Size HDTV starts at the screen size of 23 and goes till 73 inch. 4K starts from 40 inch screen and goes till 85 inch.
Life span They last for at least 20 years. They last for At least 20-25 years.



Screen Size HDTV UHDTV
22”-25” 29 watts to 40 watts not applicable
32”-42” 51 watts to 86 watts 143 watts
43”-54” 120 watts to 131 watts 145 watts to 190 watts
55” and above 134 watts to 190 watts 240 watts to standby mode


appearance hdtv and 4k

If we see the design perspective, then 4K goes on to number one position. HDTV does not call for a good appearance. And people looking out for the best television should go for UHDTV as its much more appealing and the new curve UHD TV’s are superb in appearance.

So people who want to buy a television which makes their living room look more amazing and classy so a yes yes win is for 4KTV.



Screen Size HDTV 4K
22”-25” 10,000-15,000 No appliance
32”-42” 16,000- 82,000 55,000-75,000
43”-54” 38,000-1,10,000 90,000-1,88,000
55” and above 1,10,000-3,10,000 2,00,000-3,10,000


Buying a television these days is a big spending, they start from a very low cost and can reach to as high as 2.5 lakh.

 HDTV are much affordable as they are offered in so many brands so users have so many variables to choose from. They start from a low range of 10,000 and shoot up to 2,31,000, such a price difference gradually increases with the increasing screen size.

 4K on the other hand is the most talked about technology in television sets. They have a starting price of 49,000 and goes up to a whopping amount of 23,00,000.



With all these factors one can easily say that 4K is anyday a better buy than buying a HDTV. But do you realise that you have to sit real close to 4K televisions to have a proper glance and distinguish between 1080p and 2160p.
So it is not at all necessary to spend you hard earned money on something which is a little different. And for having a 4K vision you need to have 4K content, yes HDTV are any day a better choice considering the price it is offered at and the different variables one have to make a choice from.



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