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One would not like to wake up this time when September ends this year. Apple is coming up with iPhone 7 which is yet another charm that will be launched this September.

If rumours are to be believed, Apple is expected to launch next generation 5.5- and 4.7- inch “iPhone 7” in another 2 months. If we compare with the previous models that is iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s the design for iPhone 7 will  see minor tweaks.

Get ready to expect a faster processor, much better camera, probably no headphone jack and potentially 3D touch. iPhone 7 is indeed up with some really exciting specifications and features. Check out the latest video of iPhone 7 below. 





The next-gen iPhones will be thinner than the current models if rumours are to be believed, they will be around 6.0 to 6.5mm thick. The iPhone 7 will move to a ceramic construction unlike an all-metal body of its predecessors.


Source: Everything We Know!

Whether the phone will be fully waterproof is a question only time will answer. This feature will be an evolution of the earlier models which were partially water-resistant. Similarly, there is a big change of the California giant losing the headphone jack with this model which may finally give us an iPhone with stereo speakers.



Apple iPhone 7 may be introduced with A10 as the new system-on-chip design this year. An M10 motion processor may be the one in appearance, presumably embedded in the A-series SoC as with 2015’s M9 design.

The 7 Plus may be equipped with a dual-lens camera, using two 12- megapixel sensors, where the second supporting lens would be a 2-3x telephoto lens. The iPhone 7 may gain optical image stabilisation, which previously was a Plus-only feature.

To handle extra processing requirements this time the 7 Plus could sport 3GB of RAM, which will be more from the 2GB RAM allotted to the iPhone 6 and 6s.


Source: Phonearena

The internal storage is also rumoured to increase to a maximum of 256GB for both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models. The internal storage would be double that of the current models. An upgraded 7.04Whr battery may also be a key feature in iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, unlike the 6.61Whr in the current iPhone 6s.

Till now no date has been finalised regarding the Apple iPhone 7 launch. Apple traditionally debuts all its smartphones in September with sales starting from the later part of the release week. Maybe this time as well Apple may go for a pre book prior the shipment just like it did for iPhone 6s.

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