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Feeling the cool breeze from an AC as you step inside on a hot day, sums up the summer experience. Which is why, ACs have become an integral part of our homes. Often perceived as a luxury appliance, today it is available at a varied price range to suit every pocket. One can get over 100 variants of Air Conditioners in the market. But investing in the right AC for their home is still a mystery for many.

There are many factors to consider when you plan to purchase an AC. Zopper experts are here to help you understand the significance of various factors like tonnage, energy rating, space, budget, warranty and much more to ensure you invest in the right cooling agent for your home.

Here are some important factors to consider:

Know the TYPE

Before you choose an AC that fits your budget, you should also consider if it is fit for your place. There are five types of Air Conditioners:

→ Window ACs have a single unit which is placed in a window shelf.
→ They need a wooden plank or a metal frame for installation.
→ Can only be used with double hung windows which could be a drawback.
→ Are a bit noisy as the condenser unit is attached with the front unit.
→ Prices vary anywhere between INR 15,000 & INR 45,000.
→ Overall, Window Air Conditioners are low on investment and hence economical.


→ Split Air Conditioners come in two parts, the indoor unit placed inside the room and the outdoor unit.
→ They don’t require a window, and can be installed anywhere in the room.
→ Split ACs are aesthetic and much efficient in cooling a large area.
→ Less noisy on the inside because of the condenser unit being outside.
→ They are priced between INR 24,000 & INR 50,000
→ They are a tad bit high on investment and maintenance but also give you your money’s worth in terms of convenience of use.

A factor wise comparison between Window and Split ACs

A factor wise comparison between Window and Split ACs


→ The most versatile type of Air Conditioners, can be fitted well both in a window or mounted on a wall.
→ Best for those who stay at rented houses or with jobs that involve frequent relocation.
→ They cost the same as Window Air Conditioners.


→ Recommended for places where one needs a movable cooling agent.
→Highly convenient as they are portable.
→Quite noisy compared to regular Air Conditioners.
→Since they work like Air Coolers with the effectiveness of Air Conditioners, they help you save a lot on energy costs.
→They are priced between INR 15,000 & INR 45,000

Inverter ACs are the new breed of ACs that are a wee bit expensive but offer high energy efficiency.
→ They control the speed of the compressor, ensuring accurate cooling without switching it on or off.
→ High on investment but is worth the buy as it helps you save a lot on energy costs.


Tonnage & Capacity

Another key deciding factor to be considered while buying an AC is the CAPACITY.
While choosing the type of AC that suits your needs is essential, choosing the right capacity is also as important. A smaller AC in a bigger room is as effective as an art piece mounted on the wall (read: useless). A bigger AC in a smaller room is also not a good idea, as it costs you a bomb in terms of power consumption.

Table1.1- Room size & Ideal capacity

Room Size(Sq.ft.) Tonnage Split AC (price in INR) Window AC (price in INR)
Below 100 0.75 ton 21,000-26,000 20,000-23,000
100-125 1 ton 25,000-50,000 24,000-37,000
150- 200 1.5 ton 30,000-68,000 26,000-42,000
200 and above 2 ton 40,000-78,000 33,800-40,000

How efficient is your AC in terms of Energy Rating?

ACs are given ratings between 1 to 5, where a 1 Star rating signifies lower efficiency and higher power consumption and a 5 Star rating signifies higher efficiency and lower power consumption. Depending on the star rating of the Air Conditioners, the energy costs will vary. The below mentioned chart will help you understand this better:
P.S. By the order of the Government of India, no Air Conditioner Brand will be selling 1 Star rated AC’s with immediate effect.


Most Air Conditioners have a service life of about 10 years. This can vary depending on the usage frequency of the AC unit and whether or not it is regularly serviced. An AC with poor maintenance won’t even last for 5 years. Make sure that your AC gets a regular check-up even when it’s not in use.

Brands offer a maximum of 2 year warranty for ACs. It may vary for every unit depending on the brand and model. Today, Zopper brings you yet another exclusive offer to extend the life of your AC. Give your AC the advantage of Zopper Assure and keep your cool for years to come.

What is Zopper Assure and how does it work?

zopper warranty final

→ Select your products from the Home Appliances category and add to cart

→ Choose the payment mode as CITRUS and pay online

Your extended warranty will automatically be embedded in your account in the Zopper App

Features to look out for in your AC



De-humidification as the name suggests helps in removing the moisture from the air and helps in cooling the room faster resulting in energy saving.

Dirt Control

dust filter

This system captures even the microscopic dust particles and turns polluted air into clean air.

Mobile Connectivity
mobile ac 1

New-age smart ACs let you operate them remotely from your mobile. Just switch on the AC before you reach your place and walk into a pre-cooled room.

Zopper will not only help you get the right AC but also offer you the best deals on ACs.

Here are some of the best Air Conditioners, popular among all e-commerce platforms which are available on Zopper at best prices.

Best Rated AC’s on Zopper
Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star 185 JY Split Smart Air Conditioner
Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC White (183CY)
Voltas 183CYA Split AC (1.5 Ton, 3 Star Rating, White)
LG BSA18IBE Inverter V Split AC (1.5 Ton, Warm Grey)
Voltas 183 CY Window AC (1.5 Ton, 3 Star Rating, White)
Hitachi RAT518HUD Summer TM Window AC (1.5 Ton, 5 Star Rating, White)

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