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If you have been in the salon business for long, you may be well-versed with the current hair trends, best hair treatments and premium quality hair products that are popular with most customers. You may also understand that your salon services will be satisfactory only if you can manage time and the growing number of customers together smartly. Even in this chaos, mismanagement of an appointment should be the last thing on your mind.

To keep away the struggle, start using a salon POS software today.The time of appointment is where the customer is expecting the service to start. If you schedule two of your clients close together, you are at the risk of running late resulting in unhappy clients and frustrated stylists. Even though you have a trustworthy team of stylists and assistants, they need to prioritize and work in sync to deliver the best services possible.

Unleash the power of technology for your salon business with a POS salon management system that helps you concentrate on your talents rather than losing time in repetitive business tasks. Your clients can easily book their appointments anytime in the day. This POS system for salon helps book services quickly, check the availability of hairstylists and rooms and pay upfront. Even during a busy festive season, your customers can begin requesting appointments and book one when available.  All this can be managed by a powerful hair salon POS software.

You can easily stay in touch with your customers and update them about their appointment confirmation, send reminder emails and text messages. As a salon business owner, overbooking can lead to a slow performance from the assistants who are busy with services like washing hair, or starting a colour, perming, or hair straightening. This, in turn, slows down the assigned stylist and ends with a frustrated or miffed customer leaving your store, never to return again. With a POS software for salon, you can lock an appointment to a stylist or a room and even re-assign tasks among your stylists as per the rush.

As a salon POS software stores data of customers’ history and booked appointments, you will be able to understand which services are more popular. You can easily use this information for your promotions. A good POS hair salon management system allows you to create attractive email marketing campaigns and social media marketing campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This keeps your loyal customers updated with what’s new from your end.

With just a few shares from them, you can get develop a great repertoire of customers booking appointments and availing your grooming services. The retail POS softwares for hair salon help you decide which services to use for salon promos and cross promote on services that are often booked together.

Like every business, salon business also grows with the valuable views of its customers. The feedback from your customers betters your approach and quality of services delivered which in turn get you more appointments and sales. Being one of the most prominent POS for retail stores, this software helps to gain feedback from customers with a self-designed feedback form that is easy to fill and handle. Given the last few months of GST reveal and deductions, this GST billing software for salon also helps program taxes and other deductibles with ease and compatible with any accounting solution.

Manage Appointments Seamlessly with Zopper’s POS system for Salon

Zopper Retail is the most reliable salon POS software that has been designed for Ultra Parisian salons and spas. Check out some features of this cloud-based software which help improve booking and scheduling of appointments here below:

Service Slip Feature: The salon POS solution lets you keep the record of the services availed by the customer. Once the service slip has been generated, the business owner can access the customer record and gauge what all services are to be pitched to the customer on his upcoming visit.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management): One of the best POS for retail stores, Zopper’s solution helps in building a long-term relationship with your customers and extending quality services which in turn help book and manage a large number of appointments.

Loyalty Program: Zopper Retail helps you reward the relationship by creating and running your own loyalty programs. Find your most loyal customers and reward them with special offers and make them rebook from time to time.

Amazing POS & Payment Features: The POS salon software offered by Zopper offers an amazing salon experience to your customers with features such as split payments, receive bills on paper, SMS or email, discounts and schemes, etc.

Feedback: Grow your business by learning what your customer wants. Receive their feedback with the help of a self-designed feedback form.

To style your business towards growth, it is necessary to equip it with an easy to operate and robust salon POS software. Save yourself from wasting time and energy on important yet repetitive tasks by integrating Zopper Retail software. It helps you manage your business tasks effortlessly and speed up your services to maximize your customer network.

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