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Importance of Barcode System for Apparel and Clothing Retailers

What was once created as a grocery store retail solution went on to become one of the most important aspects of many other retail businesses. The tool in context is the Barcode System. Undoubtedly, the barcode system and barcode scanners are now a necessity for a majority of retail businesses. Thus, it is very much necessary for these businesses to incorporate a retail POS software and invest in compatible barcode scanners.

The importance of barcode systems manifolds when it comes to the apparel and clothing stores. The apparel industry is dynamic and requires the retailer to be flexible enough to match the fast-paced environment. And a clothing store POS system coupled with a flawless barcode system empowers the retailers to do so.

Here are some of the points the prove the importance of the barcode system for the retailers of apparel and clothing industry.

  • Eliminating the Manual Complexities: Checking the price tag of every cloth or apparel, finalizing the discount rate, noting the final price in the invoice manually is a troublesome process. A minor error anywhere in the process could lead to miscalculations at the end of the day. However, when you have an apparel store pos software that supports the functionality of the barcode system, everything becomes as smooth as silk. All you need to do is point the barcode scanner on the barcode and that’s it, you are good to go. The functionality has been so developed that it fetches all the data from the barcode, apply discount as per what has been fed into the system, generate the invoice. The entire process takes quite a less time depending on the items that have been purchased by the customers.
  • Inventory Management: When a clothing store POS supports barcode system, the information collection becomes quite simple. Affixing barcodes on clothes and apparels is extremely easy and when the same is done on the entire stock, managing the inventory becomes a quicker and simpler task. Thus, you can have a better quality control with the barcode system.
  • Quality Control: With the help of barcode system, the apparel retailers can create permanent records of everything from tracking the components to the subassembly failures. Hence, undertaking the control of quality with the barcode system-enabled clothing store POS is a breeze.
  • Delighting Customers: You surely do not want the customers to wait in long billing queues. This annoys them and makes them look for alternative places to purchase the product. The barcode scanners help in reducing the check-out time to a great extent. They record the information concealed in the barcodes amazingly fast. Other than price, the barcodes could hold other valuable information as well, for instance, batch number, SKU, etc. On the whole, the barcode system is one of the great ways to satisfy the customers and retain them.
  • Decision Making Related to Boosting Sales: The apparel store POS software that has barcode functionality allows the retailers to improve their sales-related decision making. Because the system gives a crystal clear idea of what the customers are buying, the purchase quantity, combination of the purchase, etc. it can help in coming up with concrete promotional campaigns and sales tactics. It can even help the retailers in deciding the best locations for the products in the store.

Wrapping Up

It is indispensable for an apparel retailer to invest in a quality retail POS software that supports the functionality of the barcode system. In fact, in order to edge out your rivals in this competitive era, a POS merged with barcode system is a must.

So, looking for such an apparel store pos software? Then Zopper is here to your rescue. India’s #1 retail POS software, Zopper makes the lives of the clothing and apparel retailers easy. Not just it supports barcode scanning, it also offers a plenitude of essential and imperative functions. It includes CRM, billing, inventory management, consumer and retail finance, etc. It is noteworthy that the Zopper POS software is GST ready. It can also work with any accounting software and helps you manage and grow your business in the cloud.

Incorporate a barcode system at your retail store with the help of Zopper POS.

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