Find the right AC

Feeling the cool breeze from an AC as you step inside on a hot day, sums up the

Tips to choose the best brand for Air Conditioner

Picking the best brand for electronics has always been a task, more than the


  Whirlpool has come up with its new 3D cool Xtreme Plt air conditioner, this AC

Air Conditioner Myth Buster

1. Myth:  Cranking your air conditioner up high (by setting your unit’s

Portable and Split Air conditioners

Portable Air conditioners are much cheaper than the split air conditioners. These

Know your air conditioner well!!!

Know your AC well

With so many brands coming up with different styles of air conditioners there is a

Dilemma of choosing b/w Portable and Window Air conditioners

Portable air conditioners are independent air conditioners which can easily move

Split or Window AC? Which One to Choose and Why?

Some households have the option of using a window AC due to the space requirements,