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8 Benefits of Using a POS for your Restaurant Business

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It is always much easier to start a business than to sustain it. This doesn’t vary for the hospitality industry and related businesses in India either. It is all about providing a pleasant experience to others. If you own a restaurant business, your passion of offering quality food should be complemented with quick response service, careful resource management and smooth business operations.

In this technology-driven era, the latest generation of restaurant POS software will spare you any fuss of business management. Why have order printout orders catch fire and unnecessary commotion within the staff to maintain smooth service when you can deal this with the help of a POS software for restaurants?

Here is why you should think about a POS billing software seriously:

  1. User-friendly experience counts: A busy kitchen in a posh restaurant doesn’t have time to waste and make mistakes. Restaurant POS billing software that is confusing or requires extensive training is not worth the hassle. It can frustrate the employees and will not go down with the customers due to slow service speed. Not only will it frustrate employees but it will slow down speed of service for customers.
  2. Automation is the future: With India dreaming to go big on the digital front and customers expecting services at the drop of the hat,  a POS system can improve your work operations right from order taking to restaurant inventory management to checkout. There is one system holding ready access to all your sales reports, payroll, employee timekeeping, etc. It takes your business and your customers beyond the usual system. The kitchen sends an electronic message to the server that food is ready and the customer is served, faster than conventional order taking.
  3. Keeping it quick and profitable: Orders can be easily taken on a handy electronic device and can be electronically sent to the kitchen. This POS software for restaurants can let a server quickly move on from one customer to next without wasting any time in running to the kitchen or the cashier.
  4. Taxing made easy: It is very easy to program taxes and other deductibles in the restaurant POS software. This aids the cashier and provides good riddance from the manual entry process, helping in quicker checkouts. Currently, the fast paced implementation of Goods and Service Tax on production, sale and consumption of any good/product across India calls for an immediate need of GST ready restaurant POS software.
  5. Effective restaurant inventory management: Ask a restaurant owner and manager regarding inventory and they will tell u that it’s not a piece of cake. This doesn’t take away its glory as a proper inventory control and reporting alongside can make you good money. If you want to keep your name in the business as compared to your competitors, it is an invaluable necessity for keeping an eye on very thin margins. Ensure long-term success of your restaurant business with an efficient restaurant POS software that allows you to keep track of every ingredient and item sold.
  6. Keep your customers closer: Your business needs customers, customers that return for your food, hospitality and your quick service. With an apt restaurant POS billing software, you can increase the level of personalization for your extended services. Their valuable feedback and time-to-time review can help you to know more about them. It is always a plus knowing your customers food habits, likes and dislikes. Keep your customers happy with loyalty programs and discount offers that help gain their trust in your brand and offers insights into their buying behaviour.
  7. Sell it right with restaurant POS software: Social media marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page allows you to keep in touch with new and returning customers 24 hours a day. Your loyal customers can share about your restaurant with fellow customers in a virtually effortless manner, bringing priceless opportunities for your business to bank upon for the good years in line. A good restaurant POS billing software should empower you with the ability to market to your entire database of customers in real time that will help your business to grow.
  8. Keep a track of everything important: A good GST ready restaurant POS software will be able to render sales by department, item, etc. and help you keep track of labour costs, food costs, new customers crucial to your restaurant business. It should provide you with real-time reporting and analytical features that could be observed and assessed from any part of the world with internet access.

Zopper Retail: The Best GST Ready Restaurant POS Software

Satisfy your bigger appetite for growth with Zopper Retail that improves sales by reducing the transaction time to a great extent and helps in the managing your restaurant business with its varied features. This POS software for restaurants offers the following features:

  • Table Management: The software lets you manage your orders by categorizing your table and tagging the orders accordingly. You can easily assign an attendant to a table, track its occupancy and take the printouts of food orders related to specific tables.
  • Delivery Management: Maintain a real-time order status with this restaurant POS software by Zopper that offers an incredible delivery management feature from where a customer can live track the status of their order. The user can update the status like pending, out for delivery, delivered, etc. Also, this GST software for restaurants sends an SMS to the customer with any status update on their order.
  • Recipe Management: This software will let you know exact consumption of raw materials, know the actual cost of sale, establish sales price and track the profits.
  • Customer Relationship Management: This restaurant POS billing software helps in increasing repeated transactions and loyalty of the customers. If you’re looking for a robust GST software for restaurants to keep customers attracted and gain their trust, Zopper Retail can help you achieve that.
  • Feedback: It’s always important to know what your customers feel about your offerings and services. This restaurant POS billing software equips your business with what your customers desire by receiving their feedback and review. This is done through a self-designed feedback form. Customer views help to bring betterment in offerings. You can understand the popular aspects of your business and leverage them for further growth.
  • Restaurant Inventory Management: Zopper Retail allows you to be on the top of things by knowing what you have, what you need and you can stay updated with the existing stock levels.

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