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7 Ways a Restaurant POS Software Brings Hike in Sales

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Being a restaurateur can be a daunting task. You need to be aware of the current food trends, customer picks and comfort they expect from your restaurant service. You have ensure your customers’ happiness at the end of the day. If you serve up delicious food, it should be complemented with a quick response service, careful resource management and smooth business operations.

Opt for a restaurant POS software today and increase your sales manifold. Against the prominent belief that it’s use only for making payments, a retail POS for restaurants can be used for tracking inventory, optimising business operations, managing employee schedules, etc.

This is how the point of sales systems help increase sales and business of your restaurant:

  • Faster and More Secure Payments: The present generation is tech savvy and looking for nothing but perfection when it comes to restaurant service. POS software for restaurants have the technology that can enable advance ordering and faster payments with options like quick pay. This leads to tables turning faster and increase in the number of customers served per day.

  • Put Up Better Food Menu and Services: A point of sale system for restaurants generally has a central built-in database that helps learn about the customers and their preferences. Busy nights at your restaurant can be easily handled by preparing food that is most liked in bulk quantity and that too in advance. A restaurant POS software guides you to take off all the unpopular items from your menu which in turn helps in reducing waste and spoilage of food resources.

  • New Age Reservations and Ordering: A point of sales system for restaurant helps restaurants give their customers flexibility. Orders can be easily taken using a simple electronic device. Once the order is ready, the kitchen sends an electronic message to the server and the customer is served much faster than expected. With electronic management of every order, it is an easier and faster process to move from customer to another and cater to a greater number.

  • Grow Relationship with Your Customers: Each customer is not only returning for their favourite food at your restaurant but also for the level of personalization you offer with your services. You can keep track of their likes, dislikes, ordering habits or patterns. You can gain their personal information like an email id and keep them feel connected via emails and newsletters. A restaurant POS software helps you decide which food items to use for food promos and help you cross-promote on items that are often ordered together. Gain trust of your customers with discount offers and loyalty programs.

  • Hike in Sales with Promotion on Social Media: Social media marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter allow you to keep contact with new and loyal customers 24 hours a day. Social media marketing campaigns managed by a robust restaurant POS software helps your beloved customers share about your offerings with their friends and vouch for your quality service in a virtually effortless manner.

  • Effective Restaurant Inventory Management: A proper inventory control and side-by-side reporting can make you a good fortune. Often restaurants run in loss due to misuse, waste or theft of inventory. Now you can keep an eye on every ingredient and item sold with an efficient restaurant POS software.

  • Good Riddance from Manual Tax Deductions: With the point of sale system, it is easier for a cashier to facilitate quicker checkouts, hence attending more customers in a given time. It is very easy to program taxes and other deductibles. Given the Goods and Service Tax levying on production, sale and consumption of any good/product across India, a POS software for restaurants is necessary for any flourishing restaurant business.

Zopper Retail: The Best Restaurant POS Software

Take a big spoonful of success with Zopper Retail POS that improves sales by reducing the transaction time and managing your restaurant business with its varied features. This POS software for restaurants offers the following features:

  • Table Management: Zopper Retail lets you manage your orders by categorizing your table and tagging the orders accordingly. You can easily assign an attendant to a table, track its occupancy and take the printouts of food orders related to specific tables.

  • Delivery Management: Maintain a real-time order status with this restaurant POS software by Zopper that offers an incredible delivery management feature from where a customer can live track the status of their order. The user gets an update if their order is pending, out for delivery, delivered, etc.

  • Recipe Management: Get to know the exact consumption of raw materials, know the actual cost of sale, establish sales price and track the profits with inventory.

  • Customer Relationship Management: This POS software for restaurants helps in increasing repeated transactions and loyalty of the customers. Zopper Retail is the best POS software if you’re looking forward to keeping your customers attracted and gain their trust.

  • Feedback: This restaurant POS software helps you gain insights on customer desire by receiving their feedback and review through a self-designed feedback form. You can understand the popular aspects of your business and leverage them for further growth.

  • Restaurant Inventory Management: This inventory management for restaurants software allows you to be on the top of things by knowing what you have, what you need and you can stay updated with the existing stock levels.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking forward to increasing your restaurant sales through a POS system, Zopper is here to offer a cost-effective solution. The POS by Zopper is foolproof, robust, and lets you manage numerous operations of your restaurant easily.

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