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7 Ways to Manage Your Customer Service Queues

When you want a successful run for your apparel store every day, you cannot afford a long customer queue, with them waiting endlessly for a single or multiple products. To keep all your customers satisfied, you need to entertain them and work fast. In this situation, don’t be afraid to build a smart game plan, implement new technology and strategize the service flow to gain any probable customer that you would have missed out on otherwise.

To go and achieve something beyond your customer’s expectations, try out a clothing store POS today. It will help you handle all your customer inquiries in lesser time and get them all smiling and happy with your service.

Let’s look at some other tactics one can use to reduce a long queue and how an apparel store pos software can just fit in right with many of these ways.

  • Go for a Single Line Queue: There is already much debate and divided opinion on single line queues being better than multiple line queues. A single line queue with multiple servers greatly reduces the time a customer has to spend during the checkout process. The difference in time could amount to almost 16% which is a pretty good to cover up with a single line queue. This also makes waiting time for each customer comparable and at no time a server is idle during the customers’ wait.
  • Use the Right Technology: If you are looking for a software to reduce your transaction time with the customers, make a wise decision. Choose a POS software for apparel store that doesn’t hang up at the time of a transaction and end up locking up all your cash registers, customer data and slowing down all your store’s systems.
  • Choose Barcodes over Security Tags: Ever had an encounter with a frustrated customer who is waiting for you to remove all the security tags? It’s not a good experience when customers have to come back to the store for an item sold to them with one visible tag removed in front of them but actually had a couple more hidden on it. One should use a clothing store pos that can be integrated with a barcode scanner technology to handle the enormous sales of your business.
  • Create a Feel Good Mood: Besides a good apparel store pos software, there are other technologies that can entertain the customers during the wait. Play amazing music that makes them feel good. You can have some of your service staff talking to your customers, asking them to try a new product, sharing information regarding upcoming sales or just distributing treats. You can set up screens across your stores displaying your best offerings, puzzles to win merchandize, etc.
  • Try Virtual Lines: How about getting rid of the standing and waiting virtually? Keep your customers’ annoyance under control by providing them with a ticket and a fixed appointment (in special cases). In this spare time, a customer is free to go around the store and pick up anything which interests them more or just sit in the free space at the store.
  • Set Up Separate Stations for Complex Processes: When you have a good inflow of customers at your store, it is an intelligent move to shift special or complex processes to separate counters. These may include custom orders, item exchanges, or registering someone for a loyalty card, refunds, etc which can otherwise slow down the line significantly.
  • Include Mobile Technology: Gift your customers the ease of registering for their place in a queue, communicate directly with service agents, and send SMS alerts when their turn is about to come. This will work very well with the virtual queue, keeping the customer queue-related frustration under control and keeping them happy for a longer time. Get a mobile-ready POS software for apparel store to scan items, look up items’ descriptions or availability and accept card payments on the spot. You can also connect this to POS printers, cash drawers, and so on.

Zopper Retail understands the need for a customer-friendly software system that will help increase sales and satisfy the customers simultaneously. It offers the best apparel store pos software that helps you streamline your inventory with a batch tracking feature. If you have multiple outlets, this clothing store pos can remotely manage, operate and configure your business on a real-time basis.

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