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The new year is here. The festivities, occasions, and merry moments are all set to repeat again one more time. It means a rush of people to salons for a complete makeover. But do you have what it takes to delight the throng? Perhaps you have the best tools, techniques, and personnel to carry out the tasks of beautifying people. However, if you do not have the efficient and full-of-essential-features Zopper’s retail POS software for your salon, you may find edging out your competitors a hard nut to crack.

Other than dominating the market, the salon POS system offered by Zopper also helps in efficiently serving the customers and manage various aspects of your business. Here are top five ways in which Zopper’s POS can multiply the profit of your salon business by leaps and bounds.

  • Never Miss an Appointment: Many times you prolong your service for a particular client. As a result, many other customers who have their appointment due have to wait for quite a long. In fact, the same gives birth to irate behavior among these clients. They may also cancel their appointments and look for the gate of your competitors to knock. But with the Zopper’s point of sale salon software, you can overcome all these hassles easily.

First, the software offers a user-friendly interface that makes the booking of appointment a breeze. Further, it sets reminders for the business owners, thereby, ensuring they manage their time efficiently and serve the client as and when they arrive. Hence, fewer or no missed appointments means less business waste and more profit.

  • Seamless Management of Walk-ins: You must treat every customer equally. Hence, if there is a walk-in at your salon, you cannot simply refuse your services to them. The salon POS system offered by Zopper have amazing features that give room to the unpredictable walk-ins as well. On their arrival, you can feed their credentials and allocate a service provider to them. In case, there is no service provider at that moment in time, you can always look for the next empty slot and book an appointment for the walk-in. On the whole, with Zopper’s retail POS software for your salon, you never lose the revenue.

  • Knowing the Customer Better with Service Slips: The Salon POS offered by Zopper comes with an amazing feature of generating service slips. It can generate a unique service slip for each of your salon clients. Once the same has been generated, you can keep a record of the services that have been availed by the customers in their last visit. It also helps you to access the customer record and gauge what all services are to be pitched to the customer on his next visit. Thus, the software lets you undertake cross-selling and up-selling tactics and helps you in increasing the revenue of your business.

  • Multiple Store Management: For increased profit, decreasing cost is the first and foremost fundamental. And if you have multiple stores, you cannot have two separate salon POS systems. Zopper fathoms the fact well and thus provides multiple outlets management feature in its point of sale salon software. First, the feature saves you from the extra investment and second, it offers a real-time update on the inventory. With this software installed at your business place, you can remotely manage and operate all of your businesses at any point in time. Easily alter prices, special offers, stock levels across all your stores, instantly.

  • A Plenty of Payment Acceptance Features: Before making an appointment, many clients inquire about the mode of payment. This is one such inquiry that is not limited to salon businesses. Many businesses lose the client because they do not accept a particular mode of payment. With Zopper’s point of sale salon software, you need not have to worry about the payment modes. Right from cash, to credit card, debit cards, and e-wallets, the retail POS supports all. Thus, you can welcome all the clients and serve them. With no refusal to the clients, you can see your year-end profit shooting up by leaps and bounds.

To Sum Up

Apart from the aforementioned, there are oodles of other functionalities and features offered by Zopper’s salon POS systemsales tracking, customer relationship management, loyalty programs to name a few.

With Zopper’s Salon POS in place, managing the clients become seamless and so does serving them. Get your hands on the software to witness your profit margin reaching a new height.

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