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Birde sr-garliccrusher-C1 Chopper

Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
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Birde sr-garliccrusher-C1 Chopper
Birde Garlic Chopper for Easy garlic preparation


- Users can simply peel, fill and roll cloves of garlic in this garlic crusher and press it to get sliced, diced or grated garlic.

- Its long lasting stainless steel blades are removable and chop garlic for everyday use to perfection.

- This vegetable chopper is a useful appliance for mincing ginger as well.

- Easy-to clean, the garlic crusher can be washed with hot water. It is also dishwasher safe. Users may place it on the top rack of the dishwasher for cleaning it properly.

- Users can prepare their daily meals quickly as this garlic crusher eliminates the need of chopping garlic manually, and saves time in doing so.

- Also, the chopper cuts garlic into the precise size as required by different recipes.

- This garlic chopper is equipped with square-shaped nubs that are spaced at optimum distance for maximizing the amount of garlic pressed.

- White in color, this handy kitchen device has durable construction and non-slip grip for offering instant and easy preparation of garlic recipes.

- Easy to use, users can simply peel the cloves of garlic and fill in the chopper for fine and accurate cutting of garlic.

- It weighs 170 grams and measures 21x7x3 cm (W*H*D).

- Mincing garlic cloves with this chopper ensures that there is no smell left in the hands of the users.


- Sometimes, the garlic pieces are stuck inside the top lid and it becomes difficult to clean the appliance.


Avoid dealing with the sticky and messy process of garlic chopping with Birde sr-garliccrusher-C1 Chopper. It dices, grates and slices garlic within seconds. Easy-to-clean, users can simply rinse it under hot water to ready it for use all over again. This helpful kitchen appliance is a must have for slicing garlic for everyday use. 

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Product Details

The Birde sr-garliccrusher-C1 Chopper works swiftly in pressing the maximum amount of juice and pulp from cloves of garlic. Paired with durability and strength, it easily presses and chops many garlic cloves at a single [point of time. The crusher offers quick cutting and is dishwasher safe. Weighing 170 grams, this 21x7x3 cm (W*H*D) chopper is lightweight and can be placed even in cozier places in the kitchen. Stylish in design, it has a non-slip grip that allows for the easy preparation of garlic based recipes. It has a stainless steel body with square-shaped nubs that are spaced precisely. Along with garlic, it can also be used for chopping chillies, etc. 

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Blade Material
Stainless Steel
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