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Bajaj PC2007 RC Air Cooler

15 Litres
Motor Speed:
1400 RPM
Body Material:
ABS plastic
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Bajaj PC2007 RC Air Cooler
Keep Your Home & Office Fresh and Cool with This Bajaj Cooler


- The elegant white body of this Bajaj air cooler looks nice in any room. The stunning sun and landscape graphics add to its elegance.

- The tank capacity of this Bajaj cooler is 15 litres, which keep larger rooms cool as well. It also comes with a water level indicator that lets you check the remaining water level in the cooler with ease. The night lamp is also an added feature for more convenience during dark.

- The honeycomb cooling pads keep the temperature inside your room much lower than it is outside. You will never want to leave the cooling comfort of your home.

- The high air delivery of 1000 metre cube/hr and a high throw distance of 20 feet ensures that even larger rooms are cooled properly and uniformly.

- The high-quality ABS plastic body is made for durability. It is anti-rust and anti-corrosive. This ensures you of the durability of your room air cooler.

- The fragrance chamber ensures that the bad odour is removed, keeping your room refreshing. The dust filter net ensures that the dust is trapped in the filter and do not pollute the air inside your room.


- If you are living in a humid area, an air cooler can add to the humidity level inside your room.

- Since air coolers need water to function, it could be a problem if your area doesn't have enough water supply to meet its need.


Summers can be unbearable, but with Bajaj PC2007 RC air cooler, you have a comrade to beat the heat. This air cooler has a large capacity to hold water. The high air delivery, air throw distance and cooling area keep your entire house fresh and breezy in summer. It also comes with additional features for your ease. If you are looking for an affordable option to manage temperature inside your home or office, you may consider this Bajaj air cooler.

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Product Details

Now beat the summer heat with the Bajaj RC air cooler. It comes with an elegant design and several other features to keep you cool during summer. This Bajaj air cooler has a capacity of 15 litres. It has the air throw distance of 20 feet and cooling area of 100 square feet. The air delivery of this Bajaj cooler is 1000 m3/hr and motor speed is 1400 RPM. The high quality ABS plastic body of this room air cooler is safe from rust and corrosion. It also features fragrance chamber, night lamp and honeycomb cooling pad.

Ice Chamber
Water Level Indicator
15 Litres
Cooling Area
100 Sq Feet
Motor Speed
1400 RPM
Body Material
ABS plastic
PC 2007 RC
Additional Features
1000 m3 Air Delivery, Honey Comb Pads, Rotating Grill, Operates on Inverter, Dust Filter Net, Fragrance Chamber
Air Cooler
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