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Bajaj PC 2012 17 Litres Air Cooler

17 Litres
Motor Speed:
1360 RPM
Body Material:
Corrosion Free Engineering Thermoplastic
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Bajaj PC 2012 17 Litres Air Cooler
An Air Cooler with a Difference!


  • The amount of power consumed by this air cooler is very low. With just 120 watt power consumption to boast of, it is very efficient in its functioning.
  • The installation and maintenance cost of this air cooler is quite less in comparison to air conditioners. Also, with 1 year warranty in place, you can be assured of its seamless performance at all times.
  • The cooler uses chill-trap technology and a four way air deflection system for keeping the room cool in the most uniform manner.
  • It is a portable cooler with freely-movable castor wheels at the bottom. The body of this appliance is made of thermoplastic materials that are corrosion free and more durable for long-term use.
  • The oval shape of the cooler gives it a unique look and better directional air flow as well.
  • With the ability to cool an area of 150 sq ft and three speed settings, this air cooler allows the fan speed to be customized as per individual preferences. The three speed settings on the Bajaj air cooler facilitates the flow of air to be adjusted according to any user's comfort.


  • With 17 litres capacity and 150 sq feet area coverage this Bajaj cooler can just manage to cool smaller sized rooms and spaces.


The Bajaj PC 2012 is an ideal cooler for smaller office spaces and bedrooms. With elegant design and looks, and a compact body, it fits well into any given area and provides optimum cooling. Its insulated body of thermoplastic materials makes this appliance free from corrosion and rusting, and allows it to deliver better performance for many years of its service.  With 1 year warranty to boast of; it is certainly a good bet this summer to save yourself from the heat.


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Product Details

Having a water air cooler is a necessity during churching heat and warm summer days. They are the best alternative to energy-extracting air conditioners. The Bajaj PC 2012 Air Cooler is one such high-end home appliance that allows users to beat the heat while saving upon electricity bills. The cooler lowers the room temperature very quickly. The body of the cooler is durable and strongly built; it is highly portable too. This air cooler by Bajaj has a storage tank with 17 liters capacity and an easy to read water level indicator for keeping track of the water left in the cooler. A four way air deflection technique directs the airflow to each corner of the room, thereby ensuring even cooling for the entire space.

Ice Chamber
Water Level Indicator
17 Litres
Cooling Area
150 Sq Feet
Motor Speed
1360 RPM
Body Material
Corrosion Free Engineering Thermoplastic
PC 2012
Additional Features
1200 m3 Air Delievery, Chilltrap Technology, Four Way Air Deflection, Castors Wheels for Easy Mobility, Unique Oval Design and International Styling, Suitable for All Climates and Costal Regions
Air Cooler
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