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Bajaj Majesty Juice Extractor

Warranty Period:
2 Years
No of Jars:
1 Jar
Power Consumption:
400 Watts
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Bajaj Majesty Juice Extractor
The Smooth Juicer, a Must-have!


-Equipped with a 400 watt motor, the Electric Juicer is powerful to handle most household requirements with ease. The sheer power makes extracting juices from the hardiest of fruits and vegetables an easy task.

-An ergonomically designed fruit feed tray enables the easy and smooth feeding of fruit, doing away with more complex setups. 

-With two speeds to choose from, the user can vary speed to accommodate different types of fruits and vegetables, depending on the power and effort required.

-A neon indicator lamp indicates the status of operation of the gadget, enabling a quick response to the needs.

-An easy to see through pulp collector lets the user know about the amount of pulp accumulated in the juicer. A convenient and easy to remove construction that works with the minimum of fuss, allows the disposal of the waste pulp effortlessly.

- A removable juice strainer that separates the solid fruit particles from the juice, enabling clear and pure fruit juice to be collected at the spout of the machine, free from any residues.

-The exterior of the unit is manufactured from food grade ABS plastics, making the unit easy to clean, lightweight and shockproof. 

-Very efficient juicer action squeezes the maximum juice out of the available fruit, thus causing very little wastage.

-Operating on the standard 230 V, 50 Hz domestic power supply, the Bajaj Juicer can be used practically anywhere with ease.


-The small pulp collection compartment requires frequent emptying, which would have been avoided with the use of a slightly larger container.  


A very handy machine to have around, the Bajaj Fruit Jucer does what it is meant to do with ease. The two speeds ensure smooth and even juicer operations, delivering good quality juice each and every time. It simply does what it is meant to do, that is producing fruit juice.

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Product Details

This Bajaj Majesty Juice Extractor with a 400 watt motor can handle most household juicer needs comfortably.  A neon indicator lets the user know if the Fruit Juicer is powered on or not.  The convenient fruit tray enables easy feeding of fruit into the juicer, doing away with complex setups.  With two speeds of operation available, this juicer can conveniently switch between varying quantities of fruits.  The transparent pulp collector permits the user to see the amount of pulp produced and can be easily emptied.  Standard two year warranty applies to the unit and the accessories accompanying the product, from the date of purchase.  

Warranty Period
2 Years
Items in the box
Main Unit, User Manual, Warranty Card, Top-lid
Automatic shut-off
Body Material
Shock Proof ABS Plastic Body
No of Jars
1 Jar
Blade Material
Stainless Steel
Power Features
Power Input
220 - 240 Volts
Power Consumption
400 Watts
Add on Features
Additional Features
Efficient Juicing, Power Neon Indicator, Double safety lock
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