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Bajaj Icon DC 2015 Air Cooler

40 Litres
Motor Speed:
3 Speed Setting
Body Material:
Thermoplastic Material
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Bajaj Icon DC 2015 Air Cooler
The Smooth Cooler, the Bajaj Icon


-Having an ability to throw 4000 cubic meters of air per hour, the Bajaj cooler can cool a fair sized room effectively.

-Available with three adjustable speeds, it ensures the optimum selection of cooling power to suit the requirements of the room.

-Its wood wool evaporating pads ensure quicker cooling of air, thereby delivering maximum efficiencies. 

-Fitted out with castor wheels at each of the corners of the air cooler body,  this unit permits easy movement to give maximum comfort to all users.

-Automatic filling of the water in the cooler ensures supervision free operation of the appliance. This keeps the unit filled with water; always.

-A throw of 50 feet ensures maximum coverage of the area by the room air cooler, thereby ensuring maximum comfort to all those seated in the room. 

-Made out of thermoplastics, the unit is easy to clean and light in weight.  This feature, in turn, ensures rust and corrosion free appliance at all times.

-Capable of operating out of the standard 230V, 50Hz power supply, the energy-efficient cooler draws in 200 watts of power. 


A remote control unit is sorely missed on the air cooler. Units in the performance range of the cooler do indeed come with a remote controller.


With enough features to give off comfortable performance measures, the Bajaj air cooler is more functional than anything else. The use of the wood wool does provide fast cooling experiences at most times, including humid days as well. With a minimal of moving parts, the cooler is reliable and cost-effective to the core.

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Value for money
I am from Northern part of India and have always used air coolers in summers. I have just received the order from Jyothi electrical and hardwares. I received order within a day of placing the order. The cooler is good. Works well for Bangalore weather. powerful. Castor wheels a bit of concern, the cooler isn't moving that freely with water.
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Product Details

The Bajaj Icon DC 2015 Air Cooler has the capacity to store 43 liters of water in its inner cavity. Meant to be used indoors, the high-performing Bajaj air cooler has the ability to place the water inlet at the top, bottom or the side of the cooler body; thus ensuring a fair bit of convenience. With a 50 foot air throw, the cooler can reach cool air to all corners of the room, where placed.  Capable of cooling a fairly large room, the cooler throws in a maximum 4000 cubic meter of cool air per hour.  Standard one year manufacturer warranty applies to the appliance and its accompanying accessories. 


40 Litres
Cooling Area
600 Sq Feet
Motor Speed
3 Speed Setting
Body Material
Thermoplastic Material
Icon DC 2015
Additional Features
Continuous Water Supply, Water Inlet From Front, Top and Back Side, Castors Wheels for Easy Mobility, Unique Iconic Design and Styling with Optional Color Trim, Suitable for Dry and Arid Climates
Air Cooler
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