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Bajaj Glacier TC 2010 Air Cooler

17 Litres
Motor Speed:
1350 RPM
Body Material:
Plastic Body
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Bajaj Glacier TC 2010 Air Cooler
The Bajaj Glacier TC 2010 Air Cooler Keeps your Room Cool


- The Bajaj air cooler operates quietly and without vibrations.

- The castor wheels make it effortless to move the air cooler from one place to another.

- The air cooler delivers about 1250 cubic meters of air on average, thus spreading cool air evenly in the room.

- The motor on the inside operates rather quickly at about 1350 rpm. This ensures that the air cooler will generate enough cool air.

- The air deflection system works with a four-way system that allows water to come out of every side of the cooler.

- The water level indicator is clearly labelled on the front part of the air cooler. It is accurate and very easy to read.


- The air cooler can run through its water rather quickly.

- The castor wheels do not have a lock.

- This cooler is ideal to use in dry areas as it may increase the humidity of a humid area. 


The Bajaj Air Cooler will help you quite well when you are looking to get cool air in any room in your home. You can use this room air cooler in a variety of spaces in your home. It is easy to move and set up. It only takes a few moments for it to get air out into your room. Best of all, you can use this water air cooler in any spot in a room, thanks to how it comes with a four-way air flow system.

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Product Details

The TC 2010 is a Bajaj Air Cooler comes with a 17-litre water tank that makes it ideal to use in a small room. Designed with a plastic body, this cooler is lightweight and ensures durable. The room air cooler can cool a room measuring 150 square feet. The water air cooler works with 160 watts of power, assuring minimum power consumption to save energy. It also features a series of control knobs to adjust the cooling function. A water level indicator will also let you know how much water is left in the tank.

Water Level Indicator
17 Litres
Cooling Area
150 Sq Feet
Motor Speed
1350 RPM
Body Material
Plastic Body
Glacier TC 2010
Additional Features
Chilltrap Technology, Four Way Air Deflection, Powerful Air Flow, Castors Wheels for Easy Mobility, Corrosion Free
Air Cooler
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