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Bajaj Flora IWH 3L Instant Geysers

Storage capacity:
3 L
3 Kw
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Bajaj Flora IWH 3L Instant Geysers
Bajaj Flora IWH 3L Instant Geysers Heats Water Right Away


- Neon power lights are used to help the user identify when the electric geyser is heating the water.

- The plastic body will not rust over time.

- A three-part safety system that uses various filters and seals is designed to keep water from leaking and to keep it from being far too hot.

- This Bajaj geyser is easy to mount on a vertical surface. It can especially fit on a kitchen counter provided that counter can handle the weight.

- A cutoff system is used to turn off the geyser, in the event that it is too hot or it has reached the appropriate temperature.


- It can take a bit of time for the geyser to heat up the water. 

- This is a relatively noisy geyser as it heats up the water. The noise is only limited to when it is actually heating up the water though.


The Bajaj Flora IWH instant geyser is one of the better options for you, for your general water-heating needs. You can place this anywhere in your kitchen or bathroom to make it efficient and worthwhile. A rust-free body and neon indicator lights are added advantages, and this Bajaj geyser is a recommended buy.

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Product Details
Warranty Period
2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Additional Features
Triple Safety System, Rust Proof thermoplastic body, Suitable for high rise multi storeyed building, Elegant body shell
Storage capacity
3 L
Heat efficiency
Long life efficient heating element
3 Kw
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