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Bajaj DC 2009 Sleeq Air Cooler

40 Litres
Motor Speed:
3 Speed Setting
Body Material:
Thermoplastic Material
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Bajaj DC 2009 Sleeq Air Cooler
A Convenient Cooler, the Bajaj Air Cooler


-Sufficiently large throw of 70 feet enables the  Bajaj cooler to send cool air to all parts of the room. There is sufficient power on hand to cool a fair sized room of 600 sq ft area.

-Adjustable louvers that direct the air flow makes sure that cool air reaches even the farthest parts of the room. 

-Fitted out with four castor wheels, the cooler is easy to move around to achieve optimal performance measures at all times.

-A water gauge lets users know when it is due for a refill, thereby bringing more convenience of operations.

-With an outer body made of thermoplastics, this unit ensures long lasting services, and at the same time, makes it easy to clean and maintain. 

-Its three blower speed settings allow optimum cooling, permitting economical operation of the room air  cooler.

-A maximum 2400 CFM of cool air can be blown out of the unit at the top end of the blowing power.

-Drawing in 190 watts of power and operating on the 230V, 50Hz domestic power supply, the appliance can be used practically anywhere.

-Standard one year manufacturer warranty applies to the unit and the accompanying accessories that comes along with the appliance.


-The appliance lacks an insect screen, this causes mosquitoes and other vermins to enter the chamber of the air cooler. 


Lacking the sophistication and features of other comparable brands, the Bajaj air cooler brings plain cooling power to the fore. With a construction that is insulated from corrosion and rusting, the appliance can certainly give many years of trouble free service. Certainly a godsend for those sultry summer nights!

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Product Details

The Bajaj DC 2009 Sleeq Air Cooler has a storage tank of 46 liters capacity, ensuring more operational time between refills.  An adjustable louvre that directs the airflow to all four corners of the room ensures even cooling power throughout.  The three speed settings on the Bajaj air cooler permits the variation of airflow to adjust to user comfort.  With the ability to cool an area of 600 sq ft effectively, the cooler is suited to most midsized rooms.  A sufficiently large throw by the cooler ensures that cool air reaches the far corners of the room.  A water level indicator lets the user know when another refill is due, thereby making for greater convenience.  

Ice Chamber
Water Level Indicator
40 Litres
Cooling Area
600 Sq Feet
Motor Speed
3 Speed Setting
Body Material
Thermoplastic Material
DC 2009 Sleeq
Additional Features
4-way Air Deflection,Continuous Water Supply System, Sleek and Stylishly Designed Desert Cooler, Castors Wheels for Easy Mobility
Air Cooler
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