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Bajaj 25L Shakti Glass Lined Geyser

Storage capacity:
25 Litres
2 KW
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Bajaj 25L Shakti Glass Lined Geyser
Hot Water at the Press of a Button - Bajaj 25L Shakti Geyser


-High capacity: The storage capacity is 25 liters which makes it a good choice for bigger families that require constant hot water.

-Shock and rust proof: The Bajaj geyser comprises of ABS body which is both shock and rust proof.

-Durable: it is made durable by incoloy heating element and the glass line coating used in this geyser.

-Rust and corrosion resistant: The filtration system of heater salt makes the tank completely rust proof and corrosion resistant.

-Preset thermal cut: The safety features of Bajaj water geyser offer protection from dry heating, overheating and any additional pressure that can build up.

-Automatic feature: This is an additional feature that cuts off power supply depending on the temperature of the geyser to prevent it from getting overheated. The cable is fire retardant and it comes with the three pin plug.

-Rated water pressure and rated power pressure: With an overall element wattage of 2kw, this geyser is quite energy efficient. The rated water pressure withstanding capability of this geyser is maximum 0.70 MPA.


-It is a little heavy in weight which becomes a cause of discomfort in smaller families.


If you are looking for a complete package that offers a lot of features apart from hot water, then the Bajaj 25L Shakti Glass Lined Geyser is the right choice. Safety, protection, thermal insulation and energy efficiency, makes it a perfect household geyser for medium to bigger families.

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Product Details
Additional Features
Glasslined Coated Inner Tank, Salt Filteration System Protects Element From Corrosion, Suitable For High Pressure And Pressure Pump Installations, Protection Against Dry Heating, Over Heating And Over Pressure, Fire Retardant Cable With 3 Pin Plug, Rated Pressure 0.70 Mpa, 5 Star Rated
Storage capacity
25 Litres
Heat efficiency
High Effeciency and long life Incoloy Heating Element
2 KW
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