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AXL XPB021 2200mAh Power Bank White

2200 mAh
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AXL XPB021 2200mAh Power Bank White
The new AXL Power Bank will Charge your Smartphone Anywhere


-This portable mobile charger has a light body weight of 60 gm. You can easily handle this charging device due to its light body weight.

-This portable power bank can be used to charge Android PC tablets and smartphones.

-This mobile charging device has a durable body due to being made of Lithium and polymer material.

-This charging device has an active LED indicator that tells you that your mobile device is getting charged by this mobile power bank.

-This charging mechanical app has an LI-ion battery that charges your Android tablet or smartphone within a time of 4 hours.


-The manufacturer of this power bank has not mentioned whether it is full proof and protective from electric shocks or not.

-The power bank gets heated soon after some time of use.


The new mobile power bank from AXL will help you to charge your smart phone or android PC tablet even you are outside home. Due to its compact size and design, this power bank does not occupy much space in your pocket or bag. It is the ideal choice to carry while you are on the go and you have no power source to charge your mobile phone.

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Product Details

AXL 2200mAh Power Bank in white will simply win your heart. This mobile power bank can be used to charge your smart phones, android tablets and laptops. This charging device has been manufactured of Lithium and polymer material. It has a nice and compact design thus it won’t occupy much space in your bag or pocket. This charging device has a LED indicator that lights up when it charges your smart phone or android PC tablet. The body weight of this power bank is as light as 60 gm.


Warranty Period
1 Year
2200 mAh
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