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Aqua Grand Plus 9 Stage Purification 15 L RO+UV+UF+TDS Adj Water Purifier

Purification Type:
Total Storage Capacity:
15 Ltr
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Aqua Grand Plus 9 Stage Purification 15 L RO+UV+UF+TDS Adj Water Purifier
A Top-end Water Purifier for Clean & Safe Water


-Loaded with Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultra Violet (UV) & Ultra Filtration (UF) purifying technology, it is ideal for clean and pure drinking water.

-The Aqua Grand Water Purifier has a 15 liter storage capacity with a transparent and detachable tank for easy on-site cleaning.

-Built using ABS plastic, the RO water purifier has a modular design with a long-lasting life and higher durability.

-The double purification removes dissolved impurities and the TDS controller retains the essential nutrients.

-The RO+UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier is fully automatic with an auto-start and auto-off making the purifier very user-friendly.

-Weighing 7.9 Kgs, the Aqua Grand Water Purifier requires a voltage range of 100 - 300 V~ AC / 50 Hz to run and consumes 24 watts for the entire purification process.

-The Vontron 75GPD membrane prevents tampering and ensures high-quality permanent joints.

-This RO purifier comes along with power and purification indicators to notify users about their activation and process.

-The overflow protection feature prevents wastage of water and leakages.

-It can be mounted on a wall and is backed by 6 months of manufacture warranty. 


-You will definitely need professional help when installing the Aqua Grand Water Purifier. 


The Aqua Grand Plus 9 Stage Purification is an intelligent RO water purifier, perfect for universal water sources. It is loaded with several features like a Vontron 75GPD membrane, an overflow protection system, auto start & off, TDS controller, and many more functions making it perfect for every household and workplace.

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Product Details

The Aqua Grand Plus 9 Stage Purification 15 L RO+UV+UF+TDS Adj Water Purifier ensures a consistent supply of hygienic and safe drinking water for all.  Suitable for a wall mount, it features a detachable and transparent storage tank. It uses double purification technology RO + UV + UF to purify the water. Equipped with a trusty filtration mechanism, auto-start and overflow protection, it offers high-performance and safe drinking water as well. It is also fully automatic with an ABS plastic body. This 9 stage purification device is also backed by 6 months manufacture warranty. 

Purification Features
Filter Life
2000 L
Membrane Type
Vontron 75GPD
TDS Reduction Support
2000 ppm
Purification Stages
Above 8
Unit Weight
7.9 kg
Purification Type
Total Storage Capacity
15 Ltr
Add on Features
Power, Purification
Auto Shut Off
Convenience Features
Overflow Protection, Auto Start
Items in the box
1 Water Purifier, 1 Inlet Valve, 10 Feet Pipe, 4 Screw
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