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Apex Non Stick Super Sandwich Toaster

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Apex Non Stick Super Sandwich Toaster
Apex Toaster - Toasting Made Fast and Easy


-The high-performing Apex gas toaster has a thickness of 1 mm that paves the way for fast and easy toasting of sandwiches, at an optimal heat.

-With a net weight of 0.261 kg and a gross weight of 0.359 kg, the toaster is very suitable for everyday use as it is easy to handle and portable.

-Its PTFE non stick coating prevents bread slices from sticking to the toaster's surface during toasting, thereby eliminating the concerns of burnt breakfasts, or extended cleaning processes later on.

-The sturdy matte finish exterior of the toaster ensures high durability metrics, and a long life for this energy-efficient kitchen appliance.

-Here, as sandwiches are grilled on the gas stove, with an internally reinforced two coat technology, instead of using the direct electric circuit, they are healthier and better tasting too

-The surface design of the toaster, made of premium quality aluminum, makes for easy cleaning and maintenance processes. Also, being a good conductor of heat, aluminum allows the heat to spread evenly.

-The long stainless steel handles of this toaster gives off a good grip, thereby laying down the grounds for trouble-free and effortless usage.

-This toaster allows easy cuts for four slices of each sandwich.

-This cost-effective sandwich toaster is available with a one year warranty.


-The toaster does not cut the sandwich into two half pieces.


The Apex sandwich toaster, which can be used to toast sandwiches directly on the gas stove rather than electronically, enables users to make tasty, homemade sandwiches. Its aluminum surface and stainless steel handles offers easy usage and cleaning means for the cookware. The sandwich toaster, with a one year warranty, is a valuable kitchen investment indeed!

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