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AO-Smith HSE-SDS 25 L Electric Geyser

Temperature Range:
25-75 degree centigrade
Storage capacity:
25 Litres
2000 Watts
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3 Reviews from Zopper Customers
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AO-Smith HSE-SDS 25 L Electric Geyser
Excellent Geyser for your Home

- It heats up water incredibly quick with 2000 W of power. 

- The AO Smith geyser has water pressure rated at 80 N/cm2. It includes a safety valve to help relieve pressure in case it overshoots the limit making it very safe to use. 

- You can adjust the temperature of the heated water from 25 to 75 degrees, giving you a greater degree of control. 

-The Thermal cut-out feature just gives this geyser a hand up in the market. You never have to worry about consuming too much power or the overheating your water because as soon as the temperature hits the required mark, it automatically shuts off. 

- It comes with a 5 star energy rating and will totally help in cutting down on your electricity consumption. 

- Incredibly durable and long-lasting due to the glass coated heating element and Blue Diamond glass lining.


- Honestly, there aren't any real cons to this geyser. 


For the price and excellent features, the AO-Smith SDS 25 Ltr Electric Geyser is truly one of a kind. It is durable, long-lasting, and energy efficient, giving you the best value for your money. With its intuitive controls and thermal cut-out feature, this geyser is incredibly safe and easy to use. You can control the temperature to the exact degree and experience a warm shower in comfort. The AO-Smith SDS 25 Ltr Electric Geyser comes with the highest recommendation possible.
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Happy experience! Good job Zopper!!
Have bought 2 AO-Smith SDS 25 Ltr. Am based out of Gurgaon. First my experience with Zopper: hassle free booking experience on their app; updates are little slow to come by, don't compare them with flipkart/amazon as these guys are dealing with established/tenured retailers from our neighbourhood who might not be tech savvy;Zopper customer support team was able to gain my confidence with their regular follow ups around delivery. About the product, installation was smooth, happened on the day n time promised: the guy was professional in his approach; product functioning fine- just 2days of use, can't comment more on this bit happy so far.
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Nice geyser
Compact and super stylish geyser. Makes your bathroom attractive. Glass coating on the tank and heating element, makes it durable.Thermal Cutoff is there. Comes with 3 Year Warranty on the Heating Element, 5 years on tank. Easy installation. Now it's been 1 year I am happy with its performance.
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Product Details
Experience the comfort of a warm shower with the AO-Smith SDS 25 Ltr Electric Geyser. Built using a glass coated heating element, this electric geyser prevents sediment or scale build-up on the surface which increases the longevity of the heating element. It is also comes with corrosion-resistant, Blue Diamond glass lining which increases the durability and life of the inner tank. With intuitive temperature controls and a thermal cut-out time, this AO-Smith geyser is ideal for quick and comfortable showers. Energy-efficient, highly durable and incredibly safe to use, the AO-Smith SDS 25 Ltr Electric Geyser is just the geyser for you.
Warranty Period
3 Years Manufacturer Warranty on Heating Element, 5 Years Manufacturer Warranty on tank
Temperature Range
25-75 degree centigrade
Additional Features
Blue Diamond Glass Lined Tank, Temperature Range [Deg. C] : 25-75, Rated Water Pressure [Bar] : 8, Reheating Time For 35Deg. C Rise [In Min] : 29, Maximum Standing Loss [Kwh/24H/45Deg. C Diff.] : 1.386, Actual Standing Loss [Kwh/24H/45 Deg. C Diff.] : 0.690
Storage capacity
25 Litres
Heat efficiency
Glass Coated Heating Element
2000 Watts
Mount Type
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