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AO Smith 25L SES Instant Geyser White

Temperature Range:
25 - 75 Degree C
Storage capacity:
25 Litres
2000 Watts, 230/50 V
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AO Smith 25L SES Instant Geyser White
AO Smith 25L SES Geyser - Refreshes You Like Nothing Else!


- Strong build quality. There is a reason why AO smith is preferred by the masses as it manufactures products that work seamlessly for years to come and the 25l geyser is a proof of that. The outer body is made out of hard fiber and the inner parts are made out of materials like stainless steel and hardened glass.

- Safety is always upfront when it comes to AO smith geysers. The geyser is equipped with valves all around the heating element and other parts that make sure the water remains out in order to avoid any damage.

- Remote control available. The geyser rocks a LED display at the front side that lets you know the temperature at which the water is heating. Furthermore, you can also set the temperature according to the outer atmosphere so that the geyser can provide adequately warm water.

- Auto cut off enabled. Even if you forget turning off the geyser before leaving for work, the thermostat feature turns off the geyser after a while automatically and keeps the water warm for long duration.

- It has a smart wireless remote controller and a digital clock support that makes it simple to operate this geyser.


- Power hungry. Given the AO Smith 25L SES Geyser is a thermostat enabled unit, it sucks 2000 W of electricity which means that you cannot use any other heavy electrical equipment such as Air conditioner at the same time.


Smart features matched with top notch safety, the AO Smith 25L SES Geyser is the best instant geyser that you can invest in without thinking twice. It has all the features that a smart geyser should and gives you that soothing bath you were longing for. Now you need not worry about buying a new geyser as this is sure to long for years.


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Product Details
Temperature Range
25 - 75 Degree C
Additional Features
Blue Diamond Glass Lined Water Tank, Stainless Steel Anode Core, Thermal Cutoff, Safety Valve
Storage capacity
25 Litres
Heat efficiency
Glass Coated Heating Element
2000 Watts, 230/50 V
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