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AO Smith 15 L Storage Geyser SAS-15

Temperature Range:
75 Degree Celsius
Storage capacity:
15 Litres
2 kW
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AO Smith 15 L Storage Geyser SAS-15
AO Smith Water Heater for all Hot Water Needs


- This electric geyser requires 50 Hz and 230 V of frequency and voltage to operate. It consumes 2000w power, ensures no electricity wastage; and saves a lot on electricity bills.

- Featuring an advanced glass coating element, the sturdy AO Smith geyser promises to last for long years.

- With a large capacity of 15 litres, it is an ideal option for small sized families or for bachelors living alone. The instant geyser solves the day-to-day needs of hot water at a reasonable price.

- Its blue diamond glass lining provides ample protection against hard water and tank erosion, thereby increasing the life of the geyser.

- Here, an anode rod system with stainless steel core uses special cathodic actions for preventing the tank from corrosion, thereby prolonging the life of the water heater.

- Its temperature knob allows users to set the temperature at the required level.

- In case of unit malfunction when the water temperature overshoots the preset temperature, a thermal cutout rapidly cuts off the zero line and live line at the same time, thereby guaranteeing the highest levels of safety.

- Here, a safety valve automatically relives and discharges the water in case water pressure exceeds the preset limit.


- Installation is technical and requires professional help.

- There is no digital display on the unit which makes it a little inconvenient.


Users may like to bring home the AO Smith 15 L Storage Geyser SAS-15 to enjoy rejuvenating and refreshing showers every day. Ergonomically built with advanced technology, contemporary features and sturdy material, it is an energy-efficient device that is perfect for residential and commercial spaces.

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Product Details
Temperature Range
75 Degree Celsius
Additional Features
Blue Diamond Glass Lined Tank, Temperature Control Knob
Storage capacity
15 Litres
2 kW
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