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Airtel HD Plus DTH Set Top Box

High-definition Plus
Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound
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Airtel HD Plus DTH Set Top Box
Airtel Set Top Box - Entertainment and Convenience Combined


-The HD set top box enables user to view pictures that are five times sharper than those delivered by SD (Standard Definition) devices.

-With a resolution of 1080i, this set top box allows TV screens to maintain optimum HD picture and sound quality, even when highly maximized.

-The Aspect Ratio provided by the set top box is 16:9, thus displaying bigger and wider images on the TV screen.

-With Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound effects in store for enhanced listening moments; this set-top box delivers theater-like sound quality at home.

-Its unlimited recording feature, ability to stream movies, and interactive services, make this high-performing set top box a high-utility device for recording favorite shows and series, to be watched at the user's convenience later on.

-To avoid overheating of elements, the Airtel device has a metallic finish, and provides vents on its top back surface and on the sides.

- Here, a universal remote that is used for controlling both the TV and the set top box, has well-spaced buttons for common options such as Menu, iTV, Favorites, etc., for offering simple interface navigation modes.

- The DTH set top box has several connectivity options such as a USB port, ports for components, S/PDIF, HDMI, Ethernet, a common interface slot, antenna in, TV out, a charging port, etc.


- Speech lags may occur while watching videos.


This set top box, with its several recording features, enables users to record favorite shows and sitcoms to view at more convenient times. Here, multitude connectivity options make it easier to connect the set top box to other devices. With an aspect ratio of 16:9 and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound, the Airtel set top box is a worthy investment that gives best-in-class entertainment.

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1 Month Economy Sports Plus with 26 HD Channel(For Selective Retailer)
High-definition Plus
Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound
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