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Adata MicroSD HC 32 GB 14 MB/s Class 4 Memory Card

Memory size:
32 GB
Card Class:
Class 4
14 MB/s Read Speed, 5 MB/s Write Speed
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Adata MicroSD HC 32 GB 14 MB/s Class 4 Memory Card
Class 4 Memory Card For All Your Data Needs!


- A Class  4 memory card, provides ample memory storage in your smartphone for multimedia, personal, and business data and files.

- The 32 GB memory card ensures that you have enough, and more space on your phone for all your needs and the phone will not freeze due to data overload.

- This 32 GB card is compliant with SD 2.0, thus making it easier to use across many phones.

- It can also double up as an SDHC card with an SD adaptor.

- This card is in FAT 32 Format, which is best in class for memory cards.


- Higher prices as compared to other 32GB memory cards but not from reputable brands.

- It may have compatibility issues with certain smartphones, and hence advisable to check this aspect before purchasing.


This 32 Gb memory card is no different and becomes even better with SDHC technology. This assures that the life of your memory card will be longer, and chances of the card getting corrupt or going blank are much lesser. Safety of your data and product performance are both guaranteed with this purchase, and therefore if you are looking for a memory card for your phone, then this is the best option available in the market.

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Product Details

Adata Micro HDC 32 GB Memory Card is a micro SDHC card (Secure Digital High Capacity) memory card, which is technologically superior as it provides faster 2 MB/s transfer rate and expands upon the original capacity of 2GB. With dimensions of 5 X 0.5 X 3.3 inches, it weighs a mere 0.3 ounces. A staple for your mobile phone, this 32GB Memory Card will enable you to store as much media as you want to on your cell phone as photos, videos, games, and movies.

Memory size
32 GB
Card Class
Class 4
14 MB/s Read Speed, 5 MB/s Write Speed
15x11x1 mm
Additional Features
Other Features
Built-in Write Protection Switch, Prevents Accidental Over-writing, File Detection
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