Bajaj Midea BT 05 -vs- VOX Rechargeable Fan

Bajaj Midea BT 05
Bajaj Midea BT 05
Rs. 2265
VOX Rechargeable Fan
VOX Rechargeable Fan
Rs. 2999
Minimum Air Delivery
75 cmmContinuously more than 5 hours
Speed (RPM)1300Three stage fan speed
Blade MaterialFibre
Push Button ControlYes
Colour Variants AvailableBlue, Pink, transparent ColourlessWhite
Sweep Average (mm)400
Sweep Range (mm)0 - 600
Power Consumption (Watts)6415Watts
Adjustable Height16 InchYes
Additional FeaturesA range of International fans that are classic, timeless, elegant and offer superb performance and great value for moneyInbuilt rechargeable battery and inverter, Foldable design, Adjustable height, Material: PP/Iron/Copper, Inbuilt rechargeable battery and inverter, Battery: 6V4.5Ah x 2, USB output for charging Mobile, MP3 etc
Warranty Period
6 Months Warranty
The most economical fan
"The bajaj midea bt 05 is one of the precise fans that one can use for home purposes as well as office purposes. these are usually found in gyms. the best part of this fan is that it is very cheap compared to other fan in the market. the product is more than satisfactory which gives the customer a g ..."
power cuts
"do at your place, lot of electric cuts are there. do you hating this summer due to electric cuts and lot of sweat, then this is the perfect partner for you. this fan do have great capacity of throwing a good amount of air as well as this fan can also make you feeling better and happy in electric cut ..."