Suncros Aquagel Sunscreen: Sunscreen

Suncros Aquagel Sunscreen

  • Power
    SPF 26
  • Usage (Spray/Apply)
  • Active Ingredients
    Octinoxate-Avobenzone-Oxybenzone-Zinc Oxide
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Suncros Aquagel Sunscreen Expert Review

Broad spectrum sun protection

by Oindrila Ghoshal, on 1 May 2012

Given the hot and sweltering Indian summers and the fact that even in winter the sun is on a high, we just cannot give sunscreen a miss. According to dermatologists and skin experts, sunscreen should be applied liberally even on cloudy or rainy days since exposure to daylight without protection causes damage to our skin in many ways. Ranbaxy, which is a renowned pharmaceutical company, has come up with this sunscreen – the Ranbaxy Suncros Aquagel SPF 26 which this review exclusively focuses on. The company is marketing it with the tag of a non-greasy water resistant sunscreen.

Price: Rs.290

Quantity: 100g


Octinoxate USP 7.5% w/w, Avobenzone USP 2% w/w, Oxybenzone USP 3% w/w, Processed Zinc Oxide (nanonized) equivalent to Zinc Oxide 2% w/w, Preservative: Phenoxyethanol BP 0.5% w/w

Product Claim:

“Specially suited for oily skin, humid conditions and excessive sweating”
• Contains imported nano-sized Zinc Oxide for complete UV-A and UV-B protection
• Superior UV-A protection compared to ordinary sunscreens
• Water-resistant formula

Directions for Use:

As directed by the physician.
My physician told me to apply it thrice at a gap of 2 hours, i.e., at 9 a.m., 11 a.m. and 1 a.m. daily

Must Remember: Store at a temperature not exceeding 25°C

My Experience with the Product:

I had flawless skin previously but due to not using sunscreen I had acquired a tan on my face. Therefore, on my dermatologist’s advice I bought this product and I am highly satisfied with it. It has a very pleasing mild sweet scent that stays on the skin long after application. In fact I have never used such a nice-smelling sunscreen before. Yes, the product is non-greasy as it claims. It should be applied on clean skin and gets immediately absorbed, leaving behind no oily or sticky residue. The complexion too remains intact except for a mild shine on the face which I sometimes cover up with talcum powder. The sunscreen is truly water resistant and although I sweat a lot, it does not come off till I wash it off with a cleanser or face wash. I think this is a great product that Ranbaxy has come up with, specially targeting those with an oily skin type. I apply it thrice as per my doctor’s advice and it keeps my skin soft and supple, and at the same time offers me adequate sun protection.

Pros of Ranbaxy Suncros Aquagel SPF 26:

• Unlike most sunscreens it offers both UV-A and UV-B protection which is the highest level of protection a sunscreen can offer
• Contains Zinc Oxide which is one of the best sun-protecting agents in any sunscreen
• Does not break out oily skin; no pimples and rashes appear; no side effects seen
• The cream gets absorbed easily on application, leaving behind no sticky residue
• Skin feels smooth and supple on application
• Does not wear out with sweating and is completely water-resistant as claimed

Cons of Ranbaxy Suncros Aquagel SPF 26:

• Available only at medicine/drug stores
• SPF 26 only; could have had a higher SPF factor, at least SPF 30, considering Indian summers since the sun is scorching
• For those who sweat a lot, this will only add to your woes though the product claims otherwise
• Very high price so some might not want to try it


This is definitely one of the sunscreens that dermatologists recommend due to its broad spectrum sun protection. Though it is low on the SPF factor and high on the price, it has plenty of positive traits such as the presence of Zinc Oxide (a powerful sunblock) to emerge as a useful sunscreen.

Suncros Aquagel Sunscreen Reviews

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Suncros Aquagel Sunscreen Features

Brand Suncros
Power SPF 26
Usage (Spray/Apply) Apply
Serving Size 50gm
Active Ingredients Octinoxate-Avobenzone-Oxybenzone-Zinc Oxide
Skin Related Features
Skin Types Dry skin
Protection ( UVA/UVB) Yes
Fast Absorbing Yes
Moisturizes Skin Yes
Healthy Additives Extra UVA protection
Additional Inclusions Medicated

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Suncros Aquagel Sunscreen: Sunscreen
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