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Women Horlicks

  • Type
    Health Drinks
  • Flavour
    Caramel, Chocolate
  • Calorie
    215 Calorie
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Women Horlicks Expert Review

Use as a supplement

by Oindrila Ghoshal, on 26 April 2012

Horlicks (manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline), which is a household name, has diversified its range of products, suited for all ages. Earlier there was no health drink available which was specially targeted at women. However, with the coming of Women’s Horlicks we women have got something special to look forward to since this health drink has been formulated just for us, keeping in mind our daily health requirements. The Horlicks assurance claims that this drink “has been specially created at the Horlicks Nutrition Academy by combining scientific knowledge and expertise. It is the first and only health drink in India with the complete list of micronutrients recommended for women by the World Health Organization (WHO).” The product is available in two exciting flavors – Chocolate and Caramel. It is a cereal-based beverage.

Price: Rs.170 for 330g

Product Claim:

It provides 100% quota of a woman’s daily requirement of calcium, iron and other vital nutrients that help her take care of her Blood and Bone Health. These nutrients are also important to give her strength and vitality to do a little extra in her packed life.

Special Features:

Women’s Horlicks has a unique combination of HEMOCAL nutrients including ideal quality milk protein. Specially formulated with low fat and no added sugar, it takes care of a woman’s nourishment without the extra calories.


Malt extract, milk solids, hydrolysed corn solids, minerals, chocolate powder, cocoa powder, nature identical flavoring substances, salt, acidity regulator and vitamins

Method of Preparation:

Take 3 heaped teaspoonfuls (30g) of Women’s Horlicks; add a little warm water stirred in slowly to make a thick paste. Top up with hot water, stirring to remove lumps. Add the amount of sugar you like.

My Experience with the product:

I usually keep a health drink in my diet. I have tried several brands, mostly the chocolate flavor of each as and when they arrived in the market. But after seeing Women’s Horlicks being heavily advertised on television, I decided to give it a try and here’s my take on the product.
I have tried both flavors of this and I personally liked the taste of the caramel flavor more than the chocolate one. I am a chocolate addict but there is something amiss in this particular chocolate-flavored Women’s Horlicks. The chocolate taste is not so rich but tastes bland. In fact I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the caramel flavor. The drink is very light and frothy. It does not taste good with water so I mix it in milk. Of course, I need to add sugar since I dislike the taste minus it. Now coming to the effects the drink has. It certainly provides me with nourishment and extra energy so that I am able to be active throughout the day. I think it is a good health drink supplement, which makes up for any lack of nutrients in my diet.

Pros of Women’s Horlicks:

1. Peps up energy levels
2. Provides adequate nourishment
3. Contains HEMOCAL nutrients for blood and bone health
4. Sugar-free
5. Low fat

Cons of Women’s Horlicks:

1. Quite expensive considering the quantity
2. Tastes bland without sugar
3. Does not taste good when mixed with water
4. Caramel flavor tastes much better than the chocolate flavor


Women’s Horlicks is the only health drink available which is targeted specifically at women. You could certainly try this as a supplement to your daily diet.

Women Horlicks Reviews

Good For Women

4 /5

tasty and energising with all the health benifits.. especially for children.. its healthy.. and comes at pocket price.. one of the best drinks available.. it tastes goodl.. flavor is good.. .. one of the popular drinks, it is everybody's favorite.... after taste is amazing.. and smells good..


4 /5

Women horlicks is a great quality product mainly because it has the nutrients that is required by women such as iron etc.:)


5 /5

Women horlicks is the horlicks keeping in view of the requirements of women..they need an extra bit of nutrients everyday..with great expertise knowledge it has been a rage in the society

Women Horlicks

4 /5

women horlicks is a very healthy and energizing drink.the women in todays century work all day long to help others.this drink provides them the required nutrients and calcium to keep themselves fit while working all day.

Great Product For Womens

5 /5

Women often remain busy taking care of there family and work that they don't really get time for themselves. This is the product so as to fulfill there nutritional needs. It tastes great and also the smell is good.

Health Drink For Women

5 /5

women are often busy and neglect their health.as a result we have horlicks for women in markets now.this is especailly made for women as women suffer from lack of calcium.they dont realise this early in their life and hence suffer later.now,with horlicks women,women have become aware and have...

Women Horlicks price in India is 260.0 INR. Women Horlicks can be bought from 2 online stores in India. bigbasket.com is selling Women Horlicks at lowest price of Rs.260.0 and babyoye.com is selling Women Horlicks at 175.0 which is highest. The prices of Women Horlicks has been updated on 1 February, 2015 from all online stores. Women Horlicks price is valid in all major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Noida, Gurgaon and many more. Delivery charges may vary citi-wise, please check instructions and delivery charges & delivery time for Women Horlicks with the online seller.

Women Horlicks Prices

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bigbasket price 260
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babyoye price 175
Horlicks Womens Caramel - 330G - Refill
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Women Horlicks Features

Brand Horlicks
Type Health Drinks
Colour Caramel
Flavour Caramel, Chocolate
Active Ingredient Milk Solids, Malt Extracts, Maltodextrin, Minerals, Chocolate powder, Cocoa powder, Vitamins
Calorie 215 Calorie
Carbs 95.2% Carbs
Healthy Additives HEMOCAL nutrients like Iron, Calcium, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, B2, B6, B12 and Milk Protein
Preservatives Yes
Package or Bottle Design Bottle Jar

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